Jessica Chastain Caps Stellar Cast For ‘Crimson Peak’

Jessica ChastainThere has been some buzz recently regarding Guillermo del Toro’s next horror film, ‘Crimson Peak.’  While he has had his name on a lot of horror projects as a producer, for instance ‘The Orphanage’ and the recent ‘Mama,’ Del Toro has not directed a true horror film since ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ way back in 2001.

With his latest film, ‘Pacific Rim’ set to come out shortly, there have been a number of announcements regarding who will be on board for his latest horror effort.  The news has already hit that the film will include Charlie Hunnam (Son’s Of Anarchy), the wonderful Emma Stone and ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ villain Benedict Cumberbatch.  This is already a promising group, but today we learned that one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, Jessica Chastain, will be taking part as well.  This is fantastic news for Del Toro, and for the films potential audience.  It also cements the fact that Chastain clearly wants the world to know that she can do anything and everything, and looking at the variety of her roles, and the success of each over the past few years, I certainly won’t be arguing with her any time soon.

The only real plot details we know are that the film will center around a woman who has come to believe that all is not what it seems when it comes to her husband.  Which of the two lovely ladies mentioned above will play this woman is unknown at the moment, but the sheer villainous nature of Mr Cumberbatch makes me have to believe he will be playing this questionable husband.  All speculation of course!

Guillermo DelToroDe Toro has expressed that ‘Crimson Peak’ will lean towards a classic Gothic style haunted house horror, with old fashioned sets and some of the staples of a genre that is rarely done correctly these days.  However, within this framework he also wants to tinker and add some surprises to the classical style.  As a huge fan of old fashioned Gothic horror, this is tremendously exciting, and I certainly hope that Del Toro can harness some of his roots to give us an old fashioned feel, that is still entertaining to a modern audience.

To conclude, I can’t help but also express how excited I am to see Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain on the same screen again.  A bigger movie-nerd-crush than the one that I have for Ms Stone and Ms Chastain probably doesn’t exist, and to see them in action in one movie is fantastic.  They worked together recently on ‘The Help’ but this will certainly be a very different vibe.  With Chastain being a bit more traditional as an actress, she certainly could be more comfortable in this more serious horror role, especially fresh off of ‘Mama.’  Emma Stone, however, is definitely in new territory here, with ‘Crimson Peak’ being her first horror movie (unless you’re counting Zombieland??).  I think that’s fantastic, and I really look forward to seeing how she is able to branch out with this one.  Sometimes when an actress who is known for funny, gets scary all of a sudden it can be pretty damn effective, so let’s see.

‘Crimson Peak’ doesn’t begin filming until early 2014, so this one probably won’t hit our screens for quite some time, but I can’t wait for that time to roll around.

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