‘Jane Got A Gun’ Finally On Track

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For those of you who have been following the progress of ‘Jane Got A Gun,’ you’ll know that the film’s production has seen it’s fair share of controversy and setbacks.  The addition of Noah Emmerich today, rounds out a cast which has been ever changing.  Also starring Joel Edgerton, Natalie Portman and Bradley Cooper, the film was originally supposed to include Michael Fassbender and Jude Law but both departed for their own reasons.  This was not the only issue the producers of ‘Jane Got A Gun’ had to face though, as the films original director, Lynn Ramsay, left after disputes with said producers.  Gavin O’Connor was the replacement, and having recently directed a huge hit, in ‘Warrior,’ he is certainly riding high.

In terms of the films plot, it is a western genre piece in which Jane, played by Natalie Portman, is married to a criminal (Noah Emmerich).  Her husband is double crossed by his former running mates, led by Bradley Cooper, and these ‘bad guys’ set out to take care of him once and for all.  Of course, the film gets interesting when Jane enlists the assistance of her former lover (Edgerton) to help save her husband and her home from Cooper and his gang.

The film has the potential to be a big success, and I find that often the ‘big indies’ as I call them (films that are techically indie films, but have budgets a little more comparable to some of the bigger studio films) can be some of the best.  Especially in the western genre, which is best served gritty and without too many frills.  Gavin O’Connor certainly suits this criteria also, and based on the hard hitting, raw performances he evoked from his cast in ‘Warrior’ he should suit the western genre perfectly.

I love Edgerton in a Western, but I am interested to see if someone a little more clean cut like Bradley Cooper can pull of the genre.  Portman and Edgerton are an interesting pairing also, and I say pairing because one can only assume that in a situation where the current husband is a bad man, and the former lover is probably a better man, there are going to be some unfortunately predictable fireworks.

Let’s hope the rest of the ride is a smooth one on set of ‘Jane Got A Gun’ as I am a sucker for a good western, and I haven’t seen one since ‘True Grit.’  Unless you’re counting ‘Django’ but the only genre you can classify that film in is ‘Tarantino.’

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