Jamin Winans Next Film To Be ‘The Frame’

The Frame Jamin Winans

Amazing indie director Jamin Winans has officially announced that his next film will be ‘The Frame.’ The only question now is, what is ‘The Frame?’ Very little has been leaked about the synopsis of this film. A Facebook fan page has been created to make the production process interactive, but still no details. Just some very weird pictures that don’t even spark an assumption as to what this movie will be about. Winans describes it as “Science fiction, but not in a classic sense.”

Seriously that entire paragraph is all of the information I could dig up about “The Frame” and honestly that is good enough for me. I am such a huge fan of Jamin’s breakthrough film, ‘Ink’ (Soon to be reviewed on our upcoming “Best Movies You’ve Never Seen” segment, so keep an eye out), that no matter what news breaks about this film, I will be incredibly excited.  Jamin Winans is the perfect example of what an independent filmmaker should be. Even his short films are incredibly powerful (Especially ‘Uncle Jack’). The man just loves to tell stories and he does it effectively.

The Frame FilmSo I’d expect to see ‘The Frame’ in theaters sometime in late 2014 or early 2015. If you’d like to follow along in the production, then I recommend you “like” www.facebook.com/the.frame.movie. Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming MovieMelt article on his breakthrough film ‘Ink’. Until then, check out this awesome short film titled ‘Uncle Jack’ and get sucked into the beautiful mind of Jamin Winans.

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