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James Spader Signs On As Ultron In Avengers Sequel – Creepiest Robot In History?

spader ultron spader ultron

James Spader cast in The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

Well, we’ve got another piece of big superhero movie news, fresh off the heels of the Batfleck announcement, with Ben Affleck taking on the role of The Caped Crusader in the future Batman vs. Superman sequel to Man of Steel.  Coming off the massive success of The Avengers, Marvel has announced that James Spader will play the robotic super-villain Ultron in the sequel: Age of Ultron.

This is not necessarily a surprising piece of news, as there were no real prior suggestions as to who would be cast as Ultron, but now that Marvel have announced it, it certainly raises a lot of questions and brings forth a lot of exciting points.

Some quick background on Ultron

From the comic books and cartoons regarding ‘Ultron’ you will see that he is a robotic creation of Dr. Hank Pym (Ant-Man) who ends up being so intelligent that he hates his creator, and plans to overcome planet earth and destroy all organic life.  There have been a variety of versions throughout the history of Marvel’s The Avengers, but each has been immensely powerful with superhuman abilities in all areas, robotic weaponry capable of mass destruction and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds.  Of course, this does not necessarily mean director Josh Whedon will stick to the beaten path.  That’s just what we know about the character.

How James Spader’s casting affects this we don’t yet know.  However, here are Movie Melt’s Top 5 topics regarding James Spader’s involvement in Age of Ultron.

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Movie Melt’s Top 5 topics regarding James Spader’s involvement in Age of Ultron.

Just Voice or Human Ultron?

The obvious question, and what most people will be wondering is: Will James Spader be on board just to provide Ultron with that ridiculously creepy but synthetic smooth voice that we know him for, or will we be seeing a distinctly more ‘human’ version of the character?  Josh Whedon has said he wants to take away a few of the characters powers, in order to humanize him a little, but just how much?  It would be a big move away from the original comics, but it could still work.  Personally, I find fully robotic or animated villains a lot harder to get a feel for, and they always seem a little less ‘evil.’  So my hope is that they at least let Spader flex a little bit of that menacing muscle that we’ve seen from him in his other roles.

Tony Stark’s Fault?

As I mentioned in our background on Ultron, he was created by Hank Pym.  However, in a movie filled to the brim with characters, another one seems tough to take on.  However, an animated Avengers movie from 2008, “Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow” presents us with an alternate situation.  In this movie, Tony Stark himself is said to have created Ultron.  Could this be a story arc in Age of Ultron?  We’ve seen Tony Stark’s obsession over his creations have negative effects before, particularly with his marriage in Iron Man 3.  Is he attempting to create a robot to protect himself and Pepper Potts, so that he no longer has to?  Or does the A.I. in his beloved robot butler J.A.R.V.I.S get out of control?

Creepiest Robot Ever

We all know that Spader has the ability to be incredibly creepy.  He was remarkably weird in his turn as manager Robert California on ‘The Office’ and has won Emmy’s for his intense roles on television.  This being the case, there is the argument that he was just chosen for his very distinctly un-human voice.  But at the same time, his menacing nature makes it likely that they would want us to see him on screen.  Either way, he has the potential to be the creepiest movie robot since ‘The Gunslinger’ from Westworld (and if you noticed in Iron Man 3, Tony Stark makes reference to this character in a joke, so clearly the filmmakers are aware of him…’s that for a connection!?)



Will he bring ‘The Vision’ with him?

For those familiar with the comics, you’ll know that Ultron actually created his own ‘synthezoid’ named The Vision, with the intention of using him to destroy the Avengers.  Of course, this isn’t necessarily how things went down, and The Vision was such a huge factor in the final battle between our heroes and Ultron.  The Vision was originally a man, but we know that Whedon likes to make things his own without altering the material too much, so don’t be surprised if we see a female ‘Vision’.  Here’s a Movie Melt original rumor – in the comics, The Vision was personally trained by Captain America.  How about a female Vision as a new romantic involvement for Steve Rogers?

james spader ultron

An Ultron Robot Crush on Pepper Potts?

One other story detail that is interesting, is that Ultron was known to be madly in love with his creator, Hank Pym’s lover Janet van Dyne (The Wasp).  He ended up creating himself a wife, in Janet’s likeness, but with the common theory being that Tony Stark may be Ultron’s ‘father’ does this mean that Ultron will have some kind of crush on Pepper Potts?  With James Spader in play, we know that our Ultron will have the ability to put some creepy-ass moves on Miss Potts if he wants too.  Will she be in danger yet again here?  Or will Iron Man have to face off against some robotic version of his own wife?  We’ll see….

Either way, things are heating up.  Check out the trailer for the latest Avengers related film, Thor 2: The Dark World

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