James McAvoy Gets Dirty In Red Band ‘Filth’ Trailer

Jsmes McAvoy in an actor who has quietly been in some fantastic movies, but many people don’t actually know who he is.  Some of his recent big hits include ‘X-Men: FIrst Class’ and ‘Wanted’ but he has also been in critically acclaimed films like ‘Last King of Scotland,’ ‘Atonement,’ and ‘The Conspirator.’  With his latest film ‘Trance’ looking like it will be a darker, more controversial film than most, it appears that McAvoy may be on a linear path to the downright X-Rated.  His latest film, ‘Filth’ is based on a novel by the same name, and has him starring as a corrupt British police officer, who also happens to be bipolar, psychotic and addicted to alcohol, drugs and sex.  Check out the red band ‘Filth’ trailer here.  WARNING – this one is as red as red band comes.

As you can see, director Jon S. Baird has chosen to pull no punches with this one.  My first thought upon seeing the trailer is of a British ‘Band Lieutenant.’  We don’t get much information in terms of any actual story arc from the trailer.  What we do get is a mixture of Mr. McAvoy drinking whiskey, snorting coke and unceremoniously making what is far from passionate love to a variety of woman.  Literally, like 10 women.  In one trailer.

Some knowledge about the novel suggests McAvoy’s character, Bruce, is looking to gain a promotion and get his family back together, but the issue here is that his plan to do so involves massive amounts of corruption, and a lot of the stuff that likely led to the family falling apart in the first place.

Filth Trailer
James McAvoy gets crazy

I would imagine that we will see a very, very heavy dose of James McAvoy in this film.  It will be a role that will really give him a chance to flex his acting muscles in a way that he may not have before.  The film looks like it will attempt to be funny, but in a disturbing and dark way.  The source material is pretty ridiculous in terms of how completely and utterly disgusting it is but incredibly well written at the same time.  If the screenplay manages to capture that same combination, we may have a really entertaining film on our hands.

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