Is ‘End Of Watch’ Too Technical?

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Let me introduce you all to another member of our writing team, Mr Darth Stanley.  He is a movie fan with a unique taste and he wants to share it with the world.  We love bold opinions here at Movie Melt, and Darth Stanley has just that.  What he also brings to the table is some fantastic niche expertise in a variety of different genres.  The prime example, is the world of Star Wars.  I challenge anyone to take this guy on, one on one, in Star Wars trivia.  He’ll chop you up like Gordon Ramsay.  Believe that.  Take it away sir….

My action-movie of the year in 2012 goes to ‘End of Watch,’ hands down. This movie had the most accurate and detailed law enforcement replication on screen since… well pretty much since ever. There hasn’t been a cop movie created that made you feel like you were watching COPS until you got to be in the front seat with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, running down two ruthless thugs. This was as close to the real deal that cinema has been able to get. But the question at hand is did ‘End of Watch’ go too far in making the movie too technical and full of “cop secrets”. This question was sparked by remarks from people  about the film, saying that “this is just giving criminals a view of how cops work” and “will this jeopardize the lives and safety of officers?”…..

Well there isn’t an easy answer to these questions but I am going to make one. The answer is no. Hands down, it’s no. There is no way that a criminal can watch this movie and gain more information than what is already at their fingertips with the internet. I also have to say that the people who will be so called studying ‘End Of Watch’ will most likely be too messed up in the head to even know what’s going on. Let’s think about this. Who has a friend that does a drug?  Think about this friend for a minute and really think about if he/she will be impaired during this movie. 90% of the time they will most likely be impaired unless they are watching the movie with their mom or sadly for them they are out of money or welfare checks or their drug dealing is down for the month.

Either way this idea of druggies using movies for training is ridiculous and then I can go on about what if the more organized criminals out there are watching the movie. Well if people are worried about those people they need to realize that they should be more scared about what really happens in the world. ‘The Departed’  (a bad ass movie) is actually not that far from the truth. Good guys are working for bad guys and bad guys are working for good guys. Each  field of work has men and women working for each other. Its a bit of a cluster-you-know-what.

Sorry for getting a bit off topic there… Where was I? O yeah… ‘End of Watch’ was almost a direct replica for cop work. The guns, gear, cars, fire fights (except for the end), shooting the shit in the car, boredom, heroism, fear, the lives of their wives, and much more were extremely well documented and accurate. This movie is a definite 5/5 for me and will forever be the best cop movie since ‘Serpico’.

I am definitely curious as to what other people have to say about the extreme technical aspects of ‘End of Watch’ and would love to discuss it.

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