Indie Trailer Of The Week: ‘The Kings Of Summer’

At a screening of ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ this weekend, I was able to catch the new, full trailer for ‘The Kings Of Summer,’ an indie coming of all tale about three boys who run away from home to spend their summer in the wild, fending for themselves.  Check out the trailer:

The film has a cast of relative newcomers, the only recognizable face for me being Alison Brie who is a main character in Mad Men (and I didn’t actually catch her in the trailer itself).  It was an absolute hit at Sundance, and from the trailer I can see why.  Bubbling with charm, the trailer has some hilarious moments in itself, and then hints at some situations that could present perfect opportunities for laugh out loud moments.

The Kings of SummerThe story is about two young teenage boys, who are fed up with living under the rule of their parents.  Nothing sinister, as their parents all seem perfectly amicable and in fact probably better parents than most, but of course teenagers do not see things this way.  The boys team up with a third, how I’m not sure exactly, who is clearly a complete and utter oddball.  Word is that Moises Arias, who plays this third member of the group named Biaggio, is an absolute show stealer.  The indie version of what Christopher Mintz-Plasse did for the more Hollywood crown in ‘Superbad,’ perhaps.

‘The Kings Of Summer’ will likely be very funny, and a feel good film, but I’m sure it won’t all be fun and games.  There is likely to be some depth to the story, as there usually is with the best coming of age tales.  Through reading about the film, we know that the three companions, during their attempts to build their own home, will face realizations that perhaps the life they had wasn’t all that bad, and this will test the bond they’ve formed with one another.  Any time a film finds a balance between a little bit of real life drama, and big does of real humor and funny situations, it is usually a winner.

Now, although the official trailer is above, I have to make note of the teaser trailer, which in all it’s simplicity, is absolutely hilarious.  I saw this a while back and it had me rolling.  Check out the three friends dance routine, in particular young Biaggio.

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