king of herrings

Indie Movies Spotlight: Eddie Jemison’s ‘King of Herrings’

king of herrings

Sometimes, a movie just needs characters.  I love a good blockbuster, and I love high stakes and great special effects.  But as special effects, budgets and ideas get bigger and bigger, sometimes movie makers and screenwriters neglect the most important piece of a good story.  It’s characters.  With my latest Indie Movie Spotlight feature I’m talking about  ‘King of Herrings,’ a movie written and co-directed by actor Eddie Jemison (Oceans Eleven, The Informant).  Based on the trailer, the film looks to focus largely on a diverse and interesting collection of characters and quite often that’s all you need.

Check out the trailer for the film:

King of Herrings | The Trailer from King of Herrings on Vimeo.

King of Herrings is about a group of guys, who consider themselves to be friends, and who hang out on a regular basis.  They basically spend their time talking ‘guy talk’ and essentially this little band of men is a group of habitual bulls*****rs and they feel off one another in this sense.  We all know the type of people who talk and dream big, but in reality are doing less than the rest of us.  There’s a line between being a dreamer, being delusional and being a douche bag.  This is a line that is quite often difficult to discern and my hope is that this film will take a look at that dynamic.

Immediately, I love the film’s style and what it looks like it will present to the viewer.  It is black and white, which immediately alleviates us of any sense of flare and further emphasizes the fact that this film is all about the actors and the story.  After reading up, I learned that the film was made for next to nothing, and if this is the case it usually means that the script is a very strong one in order to justify making it.  Especially for someone who is no slouch in the business, such as Eddie Jemison.  A man who has worked alongside such people as Al Pacino, Matt Damon and George Clooney knows a little something about what makes a good movie.

More reading tells me that these actors have a fantastic history together, and therefore should mesh really well, especially with a high improvisation type of project.  That is what it takes in order to bring to life a basic concept.  While the idea may seem simple though, the reality of the concept is so strong and we all know people like those described in this films blurb.  The idea of wasted lives, unfulfilled dreams and false personas is often funny, but often heartbreaking and often times these things are best captures with a simple camera in a low budget Indie Movie like King of Herrings.

Check out the movies website here:



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