Indie Movie Trailers Of The Week: ‘My Brother The Devil’ & ‘See Girl Run’

My Brother The Devil

This week’s first indie movie trailer is a British drama named ‘My Brother The Devil,’ which will be the directorial debut of Sally El Hosaini, who has garnered a number of smaller British film awards for her latest effort.  The film also managed to take home the “Best Cinematography in World Cinema” award at the Sundance Film Festival, which is certainly nothing to scoff at. Take a look at the trailer here:

As the trailer begins, the film begins to look like the same old British crime film about the gang lifestyle in South and East London, where a young man is caught between right and wrong and is struggling to fight off the realities around him.  However, as the trailer for ‘My Brother The Devil’ continues, we are thrown a curve ball, which you will notice for yourself, and we begin to realize that this particular film may have an added dimension we haven’t seen before.  This does sit in an area where I fear it could border on melodramatic but if done with care, I think it could create fantastic new situations we’ve never seen in this genre before.

The trailer shows a sprinkling of some of the fantastic cinematography that has been lauded by British critics, and is backed by some haunting UK hip hop, which really does a great job setting that British mood, that is so unique to the area.  While the film is sitting in an area that has been done so many times by British film makers, the counter to this is that although it is done a lot, it has been done very well quite often.  Hopefully, that is the case again here.

See Girl Run

In a much different vein to the previous film, our second Indie movie trailer this week is for ‘See Girl Run’ which contains some faces that will be much more familiar to everyone than in some Indie films.  The film stars Robin Tunney, probably best known for her part in the popular show ‘The Mentalist’ as a woman who is married but not neccesarily happy, and decides to reconnect with an old high school flame, played by Adam Scott, who has actually had quite a career, including small roles in big name comedies like ‘Step Brothers’ and various television shows.  Check the trailer out:

I’m not all that familiar with Robin Tunney, but I’ve seen a lot of Adam Scott over the past few years.  I feel that early in his career he was often type cast as the douche-bag and he really plays that part so exceptionally well that when I saw him start to pop up in films as a good guy, with a more charming personality I was actually pleasantly surprised.  I think that he is actually quite the actor, and I think his recent role in Jon Hamm’s ‘Friends With Kids’ was done very well.  If he can recapture some of that then that will certainly help the overall film.

The subject matter on show seems to be along the theme of regrets in life, and a topic that I have always found fascinating and have also wanted to write about myself, which is the idea of “settling” in life for less than what you really want.  Tunney makes the point herself during a piece of dialogue in the trailer, and I think that this is a subject that gives plenty of room for depth of writing, and leaves potential for the film to go either way in terms of uplifting and happy or depressing and sad.  Whichever way it takes us, or perhaps it may take us both ways, it looks like it has the potential to be a solid romantic drama.

That’s it for this weeks Indie Movie trailers.

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