Indie Movie Trailer of the Week: “Upstream Color”

Shane Carruth Upstream ColorBack in college I saw a film named Primer.  It is a low budget movie, based on the concept of asking the question, what would happen to a group of friends if they actually created a machine that could let them travel through time.  It was a mind blowing movie, with amazing writing and a great concept.  Time travel movies are always very difficult, and there are generally plenty of plot holes, but Director (and co-star of the film) Shane Carruth was able to create, in my opinion, one of the cleanest and mistake free time travel films ever.

Naturally, I wanted to see more from Carruth.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, he did not make another movie for 9 years (Primer came out in 2004).  There was talk about a Sci-Fi film called A Topiary, which is still in development, but apparently some of the big name Directors and Producers couldn’t agree on a budget.  Carruth was also said to have been consulted for help with some time travel dynamics on the movie Looper, which just goes to show the respect for his film that exists around the movie industry. The good news for movie fans is that finally Carruth has created another movie which he will once again be starring and directing for.  The film is called “Upstream Color” and appears to be another mind bender, this time focusing on some sort of relationship dynamic between a man and woman.  The trailer is certainly mysterious, and the film isn’t even assigned a genre on IMDB, which makes for a lot of excitement and intrigue from my perspective.  Check out the trailer here before I give my thoughts on what it contains.

So, what do you think?  The film looks fascinating to me, and I can’t wait to see it on or soon after it’s April 5 release date.  The trailer strikes me as something along the lines of Terrence Malick’s recent “Tree of Life,” with it’s bizarre imagery and strange monologue-like narration, but it also seems to have a very slight hint of something more sinister.  We see some strange scenes involving pigs that are a little unsettling, and also what looks like a large knife.  So will the film contain a darker side, or will it simply be a slightly stranger take on a relationship film.  Based on the film Primer, I would certainly anticipate that we are in for something that is anything but simple, and quite frankly that is just how I like it.

I’m not sure where this film will be showing on it’s April 5 release date, but I certainly hope it makes an appearance somewhere nearby me.  For those of you who haven’t seen Primer, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Shane Carruth Primer Movie

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