Indie Movie Trailer Of The Week: ‘In The House’

I’ve always been a big fan of foreign films, and I think that often times they can be much more well made then their American counterparts.  In particular, I have seen a lot of fantastic French films over the years, and this weeks indie movie trailer might have the potential to be another.  The trailer for ‘In The House’ is absolutely fantastic in my opinion, as it starts you off in a familiar direction, and you think you know exactly what kind of film this is going to be, and then all of a sudden it throws in a slightly sinister twist that makes you question whether things might be a little different to what you originally anticipated.

Starring Fabrice Luchini and French favorite Kristin Scott Thomas, the first half of the trailer, along with most of the short blurbs you’ll find about to film, start off in the direction of some kind of reverse ‘Finding Forrester’ or ‘Goodwill Hunting.’  Luchini plays an English teach who lacks motivation, and may have given up hope that his profession is really a meaningful one.  Then we are introduced to a strange young man, who does not have many friends, but who does have a unique writing talent, that our teacher recognizes.  The young man befriends another boy and is invited into the boys home, where he begins to write about the family life he sees, and in fantastic detail and quality.  This rejuvenates his teachers spirit, and he feels like he can be a mentor to this young boy.  That’s what I got from the first minute of the trailer.  All sounds very happy and inspiring right?

In The House FilmWell, all of a sudden we start to see some suggestions from other cast members, that perhaps the boy is taking things too far with his writings about this family.  Is he invading on their privacy too much?  Is he manipulating them for the good of his work?  After a few fleeting images of some unsavory activities involving the young boy and certain peoples wives and mothers, and one particularly sinister look from the kid himself, things clearly aren’t all cupcakes and candy in this film.

There is nothing I love more than a film that starts off one way and then takes you quickly in another direction.  I can say that I would have preferred if maybe the trailer didn’t give any of that stuff away, and I went into the film expecting a happy go lucky affair.  Then BOOM, things get crazy.  Now THAT would be a movie.  But of course, the problem is, I might not have gone to see the film in the first place if that was what the trailer showed me, so I guess it makes sense.

Either way, I look forward to this one, and I’m hoping it can be my next French favorite since ‘Tell No One.’ (Check that one out!)

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