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Roland Emmerich, director of ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ ‘2012’ and the much loved ‘Independence Day’ has confirmed that the long rumored and anticipated sequels to his 1996 blockbuster smash are now a reality.  Word is that there will be two more films, titled “ID Forever Part 1 & Part 2.”

By the time the films are released it will likely have been close to 20 years since the original ‘Independence Day’ movie hit our cinema screens.  The films will apparently follow the same time frame, taking place twenty years after the events we saw in 96.  Early plot details suggest that during the first battle for earth, the alien invaders sent out a distress signal when they realized things were not going their way.  This distress call has finally been answered and the cavalry is on it’s way to finish what their predecessors began.  Other details suggest that, while a similar time has passed to that of our real lives, the world being inhabited in the film is a little different to our own.  Some of the technology that was acquired during the invasion has been utilized and applied to human life, and therefore the world is a far more technologically advanced one.  This could create for an interesting dynamic, where we are a little less of an underdog as we were the first time around.

The question on many people’s mind will be, is Will Smith on board?  Well, the answer at the moment is unfortunately no.  It isn’t that he has stated he will not take part, but right now there is also no suggestion that he will.  The only star from the previous film to have committed to the project is Bill Pullman, who played the President of the United States in the original film.  What his role will be we do not know, since he certainly cannot still be master and chief after twenty years.  This leaves questions about others such as Jeff Goldblum, who was also a popular member of the cast.  We do know that a character who will reappear is ‘Dylan’ the stepson of Will Smith’s character, who will now be in his mid twenties and certainly ready to take on the alien invaders just like his step-pops did.

Independence day was a huge part of my childhood, and was one of my favorite movie memories from those early years.  I certainly hope that Emmerich is able to recapture some of that magic, and not just settle for a poorly acted special effects mess with no charm or personality like his most recent disaster film, ‘2012’.  His film about the true identity of William Shakespeare, ‘Anonymous’ was a vast improvement and he also has an upcoming film called ‘White House Down’ starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, so hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

An Independence Day sequel is something I’ve wanted but never thought would happen.  Don’t ruin it Roland.  Don’t you dare.

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