If ‘The Cell’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Made A Sex Tape It Would Be ‘Vanishing Waves’ WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK.

Before we get started, take two minutes and check out the trailer for the Lithuanian film, ‘Vanishing Waves.’  BE WARNED, this trailer is not suitable for work.

Honestly, I could be watching a Youtube video of a cat dancing and if John Murphy’s ‘Surface of the Sun’ is playing with it, I’d love it. Seriously, that song is how babies are made.

Now, I am a huge fan of foreign cinema because of the way it has influenced American cinema. Do you like independent film? Well, thank Italian Neo-Realism. And don’t even get me started on Akira Kurosawa. However, Lithuania is not really known as a current film-making powerhouse like Sweden; but with the looks of this trailer, there is definitely some potential.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film: An emotionally numb scientist links his brain to the brain of a comatose woman. Through this unconscious encounter they begin to develop a lustful relationship.

This trailer looks very interesting because as I stated in the title, it combines some characteristics of many of my favorite films. The three main influences I see when watching this trailer are ‘The Cell’, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, and ‘Enter the Void’. The common trait that these three films share is uniqueness.

Another thing we can notice from this trailer is the massive amount of sex. Hopefully you took my warning and did not watch this trailer at work, because it will be a difficult meeting when you are called into your boss’s office. But lets get back to the sex. This trailer is loaded with it, so I can already believe how accurately it depicts the mind of a man. That is probably what excites me the most (pun intended). So, many films try to show what goes on in the unconscious of a man, but they try to depict these thoughts with censorship. Well, leave it to an Eastern-European film to break that barrier.

While, I am excited to see this film, my main concern is the balance between traditional narrative storytelling and abstract “random” expression. To me, this is were ‘Enter the Void’ lost me a little bit. There were slightly too many psychedelic colors flashing on the screen and not enough substantial content. Judging from this trailer of ‘Vanishing Waves’, we might be in store for a good dosage of that.

Either way, being a psych grad/film student, I believe I am their exact target market. There is something about a person who is emotionally deprived connecting with someone who is sensory deprived that really fascinates me. It makes me question which is more important. Regardless of the answer, kudos to Kristina Buozyte for getting this film to the big screen and provoking the question.

Vanishing Waves

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