Human Robotics In New Ex Machina Trailer

Ex Machina has been a hotly discussed film among movie fans recently, and we get our first look at Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller here with the new Ex Machina trailer.  Garland gained fame by writing and directing the cult favorite horror 28 Days Later, and will look to shift gears into the realm of science fiction.  The film stars Domnhall Gleeson as a young programmer named Caleb who wins a ‘golden ticket’ to go and work for tech CEO Nathan (Oscar Isaac) on some mysterious projects involving Artificial Intelligence (AI).  He soon meets Nathan’s secretive AI named Ava, and from the looks of it, things take a dark turn.

The film is sure to ask all sorts of moral, technological and psychological questions, and perhaps even suggest some answers or take sides on a few issues.  We’ve seen the AI movie before, and there have been some good ones, but hopefully Alex Garland is able to put a unique spin on the concept in the same way that 28 Days Later put a twist on the zombie genre.  From what we can see in the trailer, I certainly like his chances.  Gleeson and Isaac are both phenomenal young actors, and I have a feeling that Alicia Vikander will hold up just fine herself.

Garland could take this thing in a lot of different directions, from moral dilemmas, to ‘the robots are the good guys’ like Chappie will be doing soon, or even turn it into a slasher film where the AI turns on our two fellows.  I am perfectly happy to have no idea which one he has in mind, as it will make for a more effective surprise either way.  The film has already been shown in some countries, so if you really want to know the score  you can probably find it!

Check out Ex Machina when it hits US theaters on April 10th.

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