here comes the devil
Here Comes The Devil

‘Here Comes The Devil’ Trailer – Spanish Horror Film Shocks At Film Festivals

here comes the devil
Here Comes The Devil

‘Here Comes The Devil’ Trailer (Green Band)


Here Comes The Devil is a new Spanish horror film from acclaimed indie horror director Adrián García Bogliano, who has put together some solid horror films in recent years.  Check out the green band trailer here (or link to the Red Band trailer here:



From what I can see the film looks pretty damn messed up, and if you’re a horror fan that’s probably how you like it.  The film revolves around a family who go on a trip and the two children disappear after playing in a cave.  They reappear to their parents the next day, much to their relief, but it soon becomes apparent that something horrible happened in that cave.

The trailer shows us that there is clearly a lot of psychological imagery, over the top violence, sex and crazy plot twists.  Word is that is presents the perfect mixture of everything that a horror fan loves.  It’s not just a bunch of unneeded violence, but also a strong, complex plot.  Any horror movie that resonates after you watch it and gets in your head, has done it’s job if you ask me, and for that reason I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Director Adrian García Bogliano is mainly known in Spain, but he did a segment in the America horror anthology, ‘The ABCs of Death’ which was a horror buff hit.  The fact that he showed the film at the Toronto film festival, among other horror festivals, suggests that he is on his way to making a name for himself in the bigger markets.  If ‘Here Comes The Devil’ is a real hit, and makes its way around the community, don’t be surprised if we see this guys name on a bigger budget America horror film soon.

The film stars Francisco Barreiro and Laura Caro as the horror stricken parents, and should be getting a US distribution soon.



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