Welcome to Movie Melt!

First and foremost, thanks for stopping by Movie Melt.

In short, Movie Melt is a blog and it’s all about movies.  So that covers the first half of the name.

How about the “Melt” part?  Well I’d like to think we are, and will be more than just a movie blog.  We are a “Melting Pot,” if you will.  We’ll have a little news, some film reviews, movie trailers, Hollywood rumors – all that good stuff.  But if that’s all you’re looking for you can probably find it elsewhere (clearly, I haven’t hired my director of Marketing yet…).  We want to be more than that.

Here at Movie Melt, we want to put forth our own unique perspectives on the world of movies.  We want to share our opinions, and debate the opinions of others.  We want to talk about the movies everybody has seen, and the movies that nobody has seen, but everybody SHOULD see.  We want to dig deeper into the making of movies, the history of them as well as their future.  We want to find things in the world of movies that nobody else has thought about, and present them to our readers.  If one reader  says “Wow, I didn’t think about that” while reading one of our posts, or another reader falls in love with an abstract movie they watched on our recommendation, then I’d say we have done our job.

Our film reviews will not be generic, or trivial.  We will share our opinion as we think it, in as much personal detail as we please (avoiding spoilers of course!).  Our news will always include a sprinkling of our thoughts on what it all means for us movie fans.  We encourage readers to comment and share their opinions on our posts.  We encourage you to disagree with us, and share your own opinion.  I will disagree with it as politely as possible with the utmost professionalism.  I can’t necessarily say the same about my fellow writers.   They may not be polite at all, but don’t let that stop you from calling them out.  Chances are I’ll probably agree with you, before I agree with them.

Along with this standard movie fare, we will certainly write about a lot of nonsense.  Only the most insightful, relevant and entertaining nonsense of course.

Ever wondered how the idea for a movie was developed?  Love to argue with your peers about whether Top Gun was an iconic 80’s masterpiece or a cheesy pile of trash?  Have you ever asked yourself whether Al Pacino is the greatest actor of all time, or whether he just yells a lot?  Are you curious if The Shining is a horror movie about a man losing his mind or a story about our country’s injustices towards our Native American founders?  Did you watch the movie Primer five times just to figure out what actually happened?

Yeah.  Me too.

Welcome to Movie Melt.


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