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Harrison Ford And Denis Villeneuve In For Blade Runner 2

Huge, huge news for Blade Runner fans.  It’s been reported that Harrison Ford is on board to reprise his role as ‘replicant’ hunter Rick Deckard in a Blade Runner sequel that will take place a long time after the events of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece.  Harrison Ford getting back into his old boots is obviously huge news, but I actually think that the bigger positive sign for Blade Runner 2 is that Prisoners and Enemy director Denis Villeneuve will be helming the project.  He’s already shown his ability to create incredibly dark and gritty films, with Prisoners being a highlight of 2013.  Enemy showed his ability to move into the realm of noir and sci-fi, and Blade Runner is probably the first film to blend those two genres successfully.

The Hollywood Reporter deliver the news, and according to their report the film was written by the original writers (more great news) and will begin shooting in 2016.  We have little to no idea of what else the plot will entail, and whether any of the original characters will return.  The original was a dark visual masterpiece at the time, and somehow manages to avoid looking overly dated to this day, and I think that Villeneuve’s visual style is perfect for creating a similar feel.  I’d expect some subject matter that is even darker than the original also, as this is the realm that he clearly enjoys directing in based on his track record.

I can’t wait to see what Harrison Ford and Villeneuve are able to do with Blade Runner 2 and the wait between now and then is going to be a long one.  In the meantime, Villeneuve’s latest crime drama, Sicario, will be coming to theaters a little sooner, in September of 2015.  So at least we have that to look forward to this year.  Here’s to big movie news on a Friday!

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