Hailee Steinfeld In New Romeo And Juliet Trailer

Julian Fellowes, writer of the fantastic British drama series ‘Downton Abbey’ has written the screenplay for the latest adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo And Juliet.’  While the latest attempt at this one was a modernized version with Leonardo Dicaprio, and the latest Shakespeare adaptation also being a modernized version of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ it based on this new Romeo And Juliet trailer, it is refreshing to see that this version will be a more traditional, period piece.

The two doomed lovers will be played by Douglas Booth, a relative newcomer, and young Hailee Steinfeld, who splashed her way onto the scene with her Oscar nominated performance in ‘True Grit.’  Her performance in that film was absolutely fantastic, and being that the film was a pure, American western, it is interesting to see Hailee taking on a classic British accent, and a romantic role so different from the ‘tomboy’ role she took on in The Coen Brother’s film.

Romeo and Juliet TrailerThe film will see support from strong actors such as Damian Lewis, Stellan Skarsgard and the amazing Paul Giamatti.  A strong supporting cast of veteran actors can do wonders for the performances of two youngsters, so that is definitely an exciting aspect of the film.  Another interesting point from the trailer was that despite the more classical delivery of the famous story, the music utilized in the trailer was a little more modern, with the song ‘Skin’ by the amazing voice of Zola Jesus.  This slightly modern, Florence and the Machine-esque melody, with a mysterious, powerful voice really complements the on screen action and it will be interesting to see if this kind of soundtrack is used throughout the actual movie itself, as I think it could be a good way to give the film a unique feel.

I am a huge Shakespeare fan, but having been a little disappointed with the last Romeo and Juliet adaptation, I am very excited to see someone else give it another try.  The film opens around October of this year.

“Never was a story of more woe than this”

What did you think of the Romeo and Juliet trailer?

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