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Gravity Review: A Cinematic, Visual Masterpiece.

Gravity Movie Review

Gravity stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as a medical engineer and a veteran astronaut, who fight the dangers of space after an accident causes their mission to turn disastrous.  Directed and co-written by Alfonso Cuarón, the film is shot in IMAX 3D.


Dr. Ryan Stone is on her first space mission, aiding veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski, who is on his last mission, to fix an issue with the Hubble Space Telescope.  During the final spacewalk of the mission, disaster strikes when debris from a foreign satellite come flying towards their location.  What ensues is a desperate and seemingly impossible fight for survival against the unique perils of space.


Wow.  That’s the first thing I said when the credits began to roll, after seeing Gravity in IMAX 3D.  That was also the first thing I said to myself silently after the movie started.  From start to finish, Gravity can best be described as an ‘experience’ rather than just a movie.  The film wants to make you feel as close to actually being in space as it can, as if you aren’t watching a movie at all.  This sounds like a pipe dream, and in a way it may be, but Gravity certainly comes closer than any movie I’ve ever seen.

So on that note, let’s start by talking about the visuals.  I’ll be the first to say that 3D is grossly overused and misused in movies these days.  Ever since the fantastic 3D in Avatar, others have just been sloppily adding it on top of movies that were shot in standard dimensions, and the results are less than ideal.  Gravity, however, is an example of a film that got it right.  If I can tell you one thing, I’d say GO SEE THIS FILM IN IMAX 3D.  I just can’t imagine it being the same in 2D.  This film is an experience, and the 3D is part of that.

When our heroes are spinning wildly out of control, I literally felt a little dizzy.  As they floated aimlessly, and hopelessly, I felt empty and helpless and well.  When Sandra Bullock reaches desperately to grab hold of something just outside her reach, we can feel her desperation.  I won’t share any more, but the film has plenty more tricks up its sleeve.

The film is relentless with its action sequences, which often left me completely baffled as to how our director, Alfonso Cuarón could have filmed them.  But he did.  They seem impossible in a way, but then somehow completely real due to the fantastic presentation, visuals and of course the acting of Bullock and Clooney.

So to touch on the acting, this is a film that would be worth a watch, even was it not the best.  However, Sandra Bullock does good work, and George Clooney is his usual, charming and brilliant self on screen.  The acting was fantastic, and the actors were doing things that are probably very new to them, but we able to translate the real fear or desperation that we feel for them onto the screen.

The story itself is very simple, but that’s exactly what it needs to be.  This film is about an experience that two people went through.  The experience itself.  Not what caused it, or why.  If I had one complaint about the film, it is that every now and again, the writing bordered on being a little too cheesy or Hollywood.  Not all the time by any means, but there were a few little pieces of dialogue that I felt could have been left out.  That’s ok though.  There is also some pretty bold imagery and symbolism, which some people might take issue with, but I personally found impactful.  The ideas are as bold as the visuals that portray them.


Gravity is quite simply one of the best films of the year, and one of the best movie ‘experiences’ I’ve ever had.  It was unique, brilliant and more than likely revolutionary.  It felt like the first real step towards a world where we don’t just watch movies, we are inserted into them.  This might sound a little crazy, but this movie is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  Go watch it in IMAX and you’ll know what I mean.  Simply amazing.

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Movie Melt Score - 9.5


One of the most remarkable visual experiences in the history of cinema, also happens to be a heartfelt and emotional film filled with symbolism and meaning. A must see on the most technologically advanced big screen you can find.

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