George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity’


Every now and again, there are films which take a concept that is unique and seems difficult to film, and they attempt to portray it effectively.  Films such as ‘Buried,’ where almost the entire film was Ryan Reynolds in a box.  Or ‘Exam’ where the whole film revolves around a single exam in a room.  Even, ‘Devil’ where M. Knight Shyamalan has us stuck in an elevator for over an hour.  These are all films that revolve around a very specific and secluded situation, which allows for little variety, but is interesting none the less.  These are not always successful, but are generally very appealing as we are curious and uniqueness appeals to most great movie fans.  With ‘Gravity,’ director Alfonso Cuaron will attempt to create yet another unique, concept experience.

The film stars the ageless George Clooney, alongside Sandra Bullock, as two astronauts who are on a space shuttle that is hit by debris.  The collision leaves the pair floating through space, and we follow their attempts to make it back to earth in what seem like impossible circumstances.  Now, there have been countless films set in space, and many of them have featured collisions and people floating in space.  However, to my knowledge, we have not encountered a film that is completely based around the idea of the protagonists drifting through space.  This is a situation that seems hopeless, and therefore the thought of two people attempting survival is extremely intriguing.

Alfonso Cuaron is not particularly well known, but is certainly no amateur director.  Of Mexican origin, he directed the highly praised foreign film ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ as well as ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ which in my opinion was one of the best in that series and the first that really showed us how dark the series could be without losing it’s younger audience.  His best work in my opinion however, is the wonderful ‘Children of Men’ which is highly underrated and one of the finest films I’ve seen.  A creative, unique concept film in itself, some of the work he did in that film was groundbreaking in my mind.  In particular, the ‘one take’ battle scene where Clive Owen and a baby traverse a war torn city in the midst of a battle, is one of the best, most thrilling and realistic set pieces I’ve ever witnessed.  This just shows what this guy is capable of.

With Cuaron at the helm, we are sure to have the technical aspects taken care of and we all know the acting caliber that George Clooney and Sandra Bullock will bring to the table.  Two older stars, there is the potential for some good chemistry between them and this will be key to the films success since one has to assume that they will be the only two people on screen for the majority, if not all, of ‘Gravity.’

Hopefully the film is able to build on a unique and intriguing concept.  We will see soon enough, as the film is set for an October release.

Check out the trailer here:


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