February 2015: Best New Movies On Netflix Instant

Check out some of the most notable new releases on Netflix Instant streaming for February 2015.  These are some selected titles on the schedule that we decided were worth pointing out.  Any changes to the schedule and we’ll be sure to update the list!

February 2nd

Along Came Polly (2004)

It’s not exactly critically acclaimed, but this comedy starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston is worth watching for the hilarious sidekick performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Generation Iron (2013)

This bodybuilding documentary from the same producer as the incredible Pumping Iron is not quite as good as that film, but is a worthy update and provides plenty of personality and insight into the world of this charismatic sport.

Hitch (2005)

A strong romantic comedy starring Will Smith as a dating coach, who is trying to train the hopeless Kevin James, but realizes that his tricks won’t even work for himself when he falls for a woman played by Eva Mendes.

Joe (2013)

Nic Cage has been in some pretty bad movies lately, but in this surprisingly good indie he stars as an rough ex-convict who takes a liking to a young kid and becomes somewhat of a father figure to him.  An emotional and atmospheric gem.

Coach Carter (2005)

This slightly cheesy, but emotional sports favorite stars Samuel L Jackson as the real-life tough minded basketball coach who took on the job at a rough school and caused a stir when he implemented tough rules and promoted a grades-first approach.  It’s not Remember the Titans but it’s good fun.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Another Nicolas Cage film, and one of his very best.  He stars as an alcoholic screenwriter who has reached the lowest point of his life and is going to kill himself in Vegas on a last bender.  However, he meets a prostitute with problems of her own and the two form an unlikely bond.  A depressing but remarkably acted movie.

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

Ryan Gosling took on this bizarre role and made a surprisingly good movie out of it.  He plays a strange and reclusive man who forms an unhealthy relationship with a doll.  His loving family, played by Emily Mortimer and Paul Schneider, have to deal with the situation.

Magic City (2012)

Not the greatest show on earth, and it didn’t live up to it’s promise, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an extremely well acted show here (Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great in the lead) that is so stylish that many people won’t be able to resist it.  The Miami based mob crime show only survived two seasons, but there’s a potential movie in the works.

M.A.S.H (1972)

One of the greatest television shows in history has finally made it to Netflix.  Set in the medical unit during the Vietnam War, this show always had an incredible ability to mix hilarity with poignant and often very sad realities of war.  A must see.

Steel Magnolias (1989)

This story of six best friend women in a small town in Louisiana is a well acted film with plenty of comedy and emotion.  Most likely a little gender specific, this one isn’t for the guys, but is a good film none the less.

We Could Be King (2014)

An incredible documentary about two bitter rival schools who were forced to join forces when budget cuts closed one of them down.   A rookie head football coach and a new principle would take on the challenge of uniting young men through trying circumstances.

February 8th


Blood Ties (2013)

An ultimately underwhelming film, Blood Ties has a somewhat unoriginal plot involving two brothers, one a cop and one a criminal.  Despite it’s flaws, it is a gritty and well acted film that is certainly worth watching if only to see Clive Owen and Marion Cotillard act.

February 11th


Mr. Peabody and Sherman (2014)

Ty Burrell voice stars in this underrated animated film from DreamWorks.  He plays a genius dog who has invented a time machine with the help of a young boy.  However, when things go wrong, Mr. Peabody the dog must save the day and prevent history from being changed forever.  Well worth seeing despite being less known.

February 19th


White Bird In A Blizzard (2014)

Starring Shailene Woodley, who is now a big Hollywood Star, but was not quite that when filming for this little drama took place.  She stars as a girl who’s mother (Eva Green) disappears, which has an immense effect on her life, although not entirely negative.  A solid drama, but is worth watching mainly to see the development of a young star in Woodley.

February 21st


Robocop (2014)

A pretty average remake of an action b-movie classic, Joel Kinnaman takes on the lead role as Robocop.  It’s not great stuff but certainly worth a watch for action fans, and fans of the original who want to see the reboot.  There are certainly worse remakes out there.

February 27th


House of Cards Season 3 (2015)

This one requires very little explanation.  Kevin Spacey will return in the immensely popular political thriller that is known for it’s remarkable twists and turns, and it’s distinct lack of a real good guy.  Who knows what they have in store for us in Season 3 but it’s sure to be unpredictable and full of incredible work from Spacey and whoever manages to avoid his wrath for another season.

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