Fantastic Four Trailer Is, Well….Fantastic.

It seems like Marvel trailers are dropping at an alarming rate right now.  I mean, they’re just popping out super hero movies one after the other, some sequels, some reboots, some franchises that have never seen the big screen.  The latest is a reboot of a franchise that last saw the screen as recently as 2007 with the Rise of the Silver Surfer.  However, after one watch of this incredible trailer from 20th Century Fox, it’s clear that director Josh Trank is leaving the previous attempts at this legendary Marvel story firmly in the dust.

Word is that Trank’s latest version of The Fantastic Four, will be very close to some of the stories we saw in the comic books, which I always consider to be a good thing.  The most exciting thing going on here though, is the incredible cast that will make up this dysfunction science-super-hero family.  Marvel has basically wrangled four of the very, very best young actors in the world, all of whom have been making huge strides lately, and used them to fill the key roles.  Miles Teller (Whiplash) will play Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, while Kate Mara of House of Cards fame will play Sue Storm, or her alter ego, The Invisible Woman.  Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) will be The Human Torch, Johnny Storm and lastly, Jamie Bell will play everyone’s favorite rock-based creature The Thing, formerly Ben Grimm.  Then just to add the icing to the cake, one of the best young British actors out there, Toby Kebbell will play Victor Domashev, who we know soon becomes one of the most notorious Marvel Villains, Dr. Doom.  For me, that is an incredible piece of casting, and I’m blown away by the potential there.

What strikes us about the trailer is that it is clearly dark in tone, and heavy on the science.  That makes sense, because these heroes are scientists, and while most of the Marvel Films delve into the Sci-Fi realm, none are really ‘science heavy.’  The Fantastic Four could carve out a nice niche here, and give some of us science fiction fans something in the super hero world to check out.  The cast and cinematography in the trailer oozes style and a hip vibe, which makes us as excited as we’ve been for a Marvel movie in quite a while.  Where exactly the film will fit in the Marvel Universe isn’t yet clear.  Some rumors have claimed that it will sit within the X-Men Universe, but others refute this.

Maybe we’ll find out on August 7th, 2015!


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