Fall Classics: The Top 10 Baseball Movies Ever

baseball movies

Top 10 Baseball Movies

With the MLB Regular Season reaching it’s always dramatic conclusion, we are approaching many sports fans favorite time of year.  Baseball in October.  The remaining teams will be looking to win the pennant and book their spot in the fall classic.  While the real World Series approaches, Movie Melt wants to take the opportunity to present our Top 10 Baseball Movies ever.  Let the debates begin:

10. Major League (1989)



Another comedy classic, Major League is not everyone’s favorite baseball film by any means but it has developed quite the cult following, and those who love it, really love it.  About a group of misfits (including Charlie Sheen) who make up the Cleveland Indians baseball team, who surprise themselves with unexpected success.

9. The Sandlot (1993)



A family favorite, The Sandlot has as many quoteables as any other kids film out there.  Some of the most memorable speeches exist in this glorious movie about a group of kids who just want to play baseball.  While many of the young stars here never made it big, they certainly made their mark with this immortal classic.

8. Moneyball (2011)



A modern classic, Moneyball was Oscar nominate for good reason.  The film documents the real life efforts of Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane to turn around a struggling franchise using modern day metrics over the tried and true scouting methods of the past.  A fantastic film that inspires and enlightens.  Also look out for a surprise turn from Jonah Hill.

7. The Natural (1984)



This baseball classic stars Robert Redford as a future baseball star whose career is almost cut short by a bizarre and seemingly unprovoked shooting incident.  However, he returns to the big leagues as a 35 year old ‘rookie’ with a desire to finally fulfill his dreams.

6. The Bad News Bears (1976)



A pure baseball comedy classic, The Bad News Bears stars Walter Matthau as a washed up baseball player who inherits a little league team full of foul mouthed kids who give him way more than he bargained for.  A hilarious, crude comedy this one was far better than the Bill Bob Thornton remake.

5. A League of their Own (1992)



Starring Tom Hanks, and a cast full of fantastic actresses, the film centers around women’s rights during the time of World War 2.  Hanks plays a washed up slugger, who is drowning in booze, but sobers up to coach a talented all girls baseball team.  A funny and charming baseball flick, that is enjoyable for the guys too.

4. Bang the Drum Slowly (1973)



Another tear jerker, is this originally made for TV movie starring Robert De Niro as a baseball catcher who is diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, and then sparks up a strong friendship with a teammate he once fought with bitterly.  A largely unknown but classic film, Bang The Drum Slowly is a must see.

3. Pride of the Yankees (1942)



One of the older films on the list, The Pride of the Yankees has Gary Cooper taking on the role of the legendary Yankee Lou Gehrig, who was forced into retirement and shortly after passed away from ALS.  With real appearances from the likes of Babe Ruth, the film is a sad but inspiring biopic of an all time Yankee.

2. Field of Dreams (1989)



Many people would argue to move this film up a spot and for good reason.  While perhaps a bit over sentimental, the film is an all-time classic that also stars Kevin Costner.  Here he plays a man with lasting questions and regrets, who is able to get answers by building a baseball field that seems to possess otherworldly powers.

1. Bull Durham (1988)



Our pick for the greatest baseball movie ever is Bull Durham, which starred Kevin Costner, in one of his three big baseball movies as a veteran player trying to keep his career afloat while mentoring a young player (Tim Robbins) and romancing a promiscuous team mascot (Susan Sarandon).  A charming, funny and well-acted film, Bull Durham takes home the Fall Classic.

Honorable Mentions:

  • 42

  • For The Love Of The Game

  • Eight Men Out

  • The Rookie

Enjoy the World Series – oh and GO TIGERS!

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