Can ‘Evil Dead’ Deliver ‘Scariest Movie Ever’ Claim?

So I’m sure many of you have seen the trailers on TV for the upcoming remake of horror classic ‘The Evil Dead.’  Before we start to ask ourselves the question in the title of this article, here is the trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.  (For those of you with stronger stomachs there is a red band version at the bottom of this post.)

Creepy huh?  The new version, titled simple ‘Evil Dead’ will be released on April 5th and has has been self proclaimed to be “The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience.”  Now, I work in marketing, and as I marketer I personally believe that this statement alone is a genius piece of advertising.  The film’s name already establishes it as interesting, being that many have heard of or can easily look up Sam Raimi’s original horror masterpiece.  But a statement like this genuinely has me excited, even if I know it is nothing more than a statement made by the people who want us to see the film.  Most horror films will use phrases like “one of the scariest films ever” or “one of the scariest films in years.”  But to use the word “ever” is a bold claim.  If nothing else, the statement will sell them a lot of tickets.  A genius piece of marketing.  Now, whether it is a shameless piece of marketing designed to make a quick buck, or a statement that is actually close to the truth remains to be seen, and we won’t know that until April 5th.  Let’s take a look at why or why not this film will live up to it’s bold claim.

Why it will be the scariest movie ever:

  1. The trailer looks scary as balls.  The background music is creepy.  There is a true sense of dread in the trailer, and what was originally a very scary, but also over the top and slightly cheesy horror movie seems to have been transformed into something slightly more real.  You get the feeling this thing is going to come at you over and over again, for the entire running time.  It’s not often a trailer gives you that feeling.
  2. The original is one of the all time horror classics and helped build the genre.  If the vision of the original is blended with some effective modernization there is no reason why it could not scare the skinny jeans off a chubby hipster.
  3. The whole crew from the original including Sam Raimi and star of the film Bruce Campbell are on board as producers, and they all say this one is better than the original.  Generally, when people remake an absolute classic, those involved in the original wouldn’t be involved if it was going to be garbage, unless they needed a quick buck.  I can say for Sam Raimi at least, that this isn’t the case.
  4. The movie will feature no 3D, no CGI and no computer gimmicks, just good old fashioned scares.  To me there is nothing less scary, than something that is clearly computerized and we see this so much in modern horror.  However, word is we will see no CGI at all in the movie, which means everything on screen, including what is certain to be some incredibly disgusting violence, will be done with models, trickery and non computerized effects.  Based on the trailer above, this is already a feat of utter quality.
  5. The line that can’t be crossed in a movie has become much more flexible.  One way to horrify an audience is to show them things that they simply haven’t seen before, or couldn’t even fathom seeing.  The original film did this to many extents, and was as disgusting and terrifying as anything had ever been up to that point.  It still is when you see it today.  So with that in mind, imagine what they might be able to put on camera for us now.  I love horror films, but I am not a huge gore fan.  I’m more of a subtle, creepy, ‘The Omen’ type.  So the thought of what might be on show here is terrifying enough as it is for me.

Why it won’t be as scary as they say:

  1. We’ve seen scary trailers before.  Sure, I did say the trailer is absolutely terrifying and I wasn’t lying.  It looks great.  Trailers for horror films don’t often deliver like this, but it wouldn’t be the first time.  There have been some trailers in the past that really made us think a movie was going to be scary, and it just didn’t deliver.
  2. History suggests horror remakes are just never good.  ‘The Omen,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre,’ ‘The House at the End of the Street.’  The list goes on.  They just aren’t usually very good, and enough classics have been butchered for us to be a little skeptical about this one, that’s for sure.
  3. Director, Fede Alverez has never made a feature film.  This will be his first.  He has made a number of shorts, some of which were somewhat popular on YouTube, but this will be his first time stepping into the big leagues.  He must have shown some sort of promise for Sam Raimi to pull him in, but an unknown quantity always creates a little doubt.  There have been some great debuts before though, so let’s not count the guy out.
  4. Gore over atmosphere doesn’t usually get the job done.  The first movie was extremely violent, and it had some scenes of blood and gore that had never been shown before.  It was always very creepy though.  I’m sure this film, as I’ve already mentioned, will also be incredible gory.  However, my worry, and it is so prevalent in movies these days, is that they will concentrate on the violence and forget the atmosphere and scares.  This just isn’t scary to me.

Well, that’s what I see as the ups and downs, and in a little over a week we will know for sure.  Everybody who loves horror get out there and put their bold statement to the test.  Be sure to let us know what you think of ‘Evil Dead’.  In other news, here’s a shot of my ex girlfriend.


For those of you with strong stomachs, check out this red band trailer.  Ouch.

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