Ethan Hawke Pulls The Trigger In Good Kill Trailer

Ethan Hawke has been a busy man lately, and he’s back in this new trailer for Good Kill, where he plays a former fighter pilot, turned military drone controller, who begins to question the morality of his new gig.  Drone’s are a large and controversial part of the military these days and their use and involvement is only growing, yet strangely there haven’t been many movies that have directly tackled the subject.  Director Andrew Niccol has worked with Hawke before on the solid science fiction film Gattaca, and will look to build on Hawkes recent success with the latest film.  It looks like January Jones will be playing his embattled wife, while Zoe Kravitz will be on board as a fellow drone controller of some kind.  Bruce Greenwood look a little typecast as the leader of their drone crew, but he’s also an established actor and the cast seems to be a solid one.

Ethan Hawke really is a fantastic and versatile actor, and it’s remarkable the diversity of roles he plays.  He has done numerous horror films, some low key family dramas, some award winning romances and even time travelling sci-fi thrillers lately.  Now he takes on a very complex and more serious dramatic role, which is right in his wheelhouse.  He’s an incredibly likable guy, and watching him in particular go through PTSD and the moral dilemmas of this job will likely be incredible cinema.  He can do crazy and intense pretty well too, and I think that this role could be a really good tour de force for him actually.  My only hope is that January Jones doesn’t hold him back, as she can be a little wooden at times.  Hopefully this will be her opportunity to take on something really challenging also, as outside of Mad Men, her movie work has been underwhelming for sure.

What exactly the plot will involve isn’t clear.  I’d imagine it will be some kind of mission that is developing in terms of the drones and their targets in the Middle East, but that will serve as a back drop and take a back seat to the more personal and character driven challenges that Hawke’s character is going through back home.  As a big fan of his, I can’t wait to see what he’s able to do with the role in Good Kill.

Good Kill will be released on April 10, 2015.

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