Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke In Creepy Regression Trailer

Check out this creepy new trailer for director Alejandro Amenabar’s (The Others) new horror-thriller Regression.  The film stars Ethan Hawke as Detective Bruce Kenner, who is investigating a case brought on when a young girl named Angela, played by Emma Watson accuses her father of a horrifying crime (which we believe involves sexual assault).  Her father (David Dencik) strangely admits to the crime despite having no memory of performing it, which leads them to call in a psychologist.  However, based on the trailer, as memories resurface we will be let into the world of a horrifying cult.

Amenabar is no stranger to the horror genre in the United States, garnering immense success with his 2001 film The Others.  The film is being released in Spanish and American (hence the spanish subtitles in the trailer), but has the potential to get a strong release in the US based on it’s cast and directors track record.  The trailer has a very eerie feel to it, and suggests a film that will be filled with dark and probably disturbing subject matter.  Whether the film will live primarily in the realm of flashbacks, similar to a movie like Frailty, or whether Detective Kenner will be battling this dark cult in the present remains to be seen.

The Others was a cerebral, creepy and old fashioned horror movie, which I am a big fan of, so let’s hope that Amenbar is able to repeat that feat with Regression, when it releases on August 28th, 2015.

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