2016 Obamas America

Don’t See ‘2016: Obama’s America’, You Are Too Stupid.

Barack Obama

Doesn’t that title surprise you? The mod outs me as a conservative and now I am telling you not to go see one of the few pieces of media that does not pull punches when talking about the devil incarnate (Obama) . Great! So if you made it that far in the article without going back to Salon/MSNBC to make sure that Obama is, in fact, not the devil then the rest of this article is for you.

Let me begin by spelling out the main point of this article. You have already made up your mind. You could be the above mentioned liberal hipster cunt who reads Voltaire in coffee shops, hoping, praying that some stranger will notice how intelligent you look sitting there sipping on your soy au lait. Hell, maybe even that cute girl in the corner will be taken aback by your superior intellect she will invite you back to her place for some hot oral. You have already decided that ‘2016: Obama’s America’ is a movie that was subsidized by rich people who just want to remain rich, attacking a champion of the poor through this documentary is laughable. If this movie is viewed, it should be done with a detached sense of irony, alcohol, and friends so you all can make fun of the documentary when it comes too close to making sense and having you actually think about your own political beliefs.

But the fox news die-hards do not set a good example either; Aunt and Uncle Cletus Jackson use this documentary as a godsend and as absolute fact, in-between 3-ways with their cousins. They view this and say “Finally! Someone is telling the truth! This justifies everything that fox news and Rush have been telling me for ages! Now excuse me while I go beat my kid for having impure thoughts.”

2016 Obamas AmericaThe problem with this movie is that it is blatantly political, and anything blatantly political  is a line drawn in the sand. Judging by the title alone this documentary could easily be a puff piece for the Obama admin, but once everyone found out that it was anti-Obama they went to their respective websites and did what those websites told them to do. “Salon, Huffpo, MSNBC, and The Daily Kos ALL said, ‘it was based on lies, and it was poorly constructed! They cannot all be wrong.’” (The problem goes both ways, but I use the liberal side because I hate them.) To quote one of my favorite blogs (thelastpsychatrist.com)

“….given the infinity of the internet you still surf the same 5 websites, looking for and finding exactly what you want, like a baby playing peekaboo in a mirror over and over and over and over and over and over and…”

This article could easily be about any politically inclined movie, just take the title and put in Fahrenheit 911 and the ideas still work. (The making fun of libs not so much). Movies with a political bent do not change your mind or teach you anything, they justifies what you already believe, you won’t learn anything, you are above that. The only reason to watch it is if you have an open mind, which no-one does. So I don’t want to hear you bitching in a coffee shop to your friends about this right wing propaganda piece, everyone has already made up their mind. Avoid at all costs.

Angry Critic.

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