“Do You Bleed?” Batman Vs Superman Trailer Arrives

After months and months of anticipation the first full trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice has arrived and it is much l much darker than we expected.  The trailer actually leaked a couple days ago but we opted to wait for the official release to share it.  We’very learned quite a lot about the film over the course of production, and there have been plenty of rumors about what the plot would be.  But I don’don’t think anybody expected anything quite as dark as what this trailer seems to be suggesting.  What’s n also interesting is that there are plenty of hints that it might actually be Henry Cavill’s Superman that is taking on a sliglycerin more sinister role.

The trailer is literally very dark, with most of the shots being gloomy, grey and sinister.  We hear voice overs from various characaters, including Lee Luther (Jesse  Eisenberg) and Alfred (Jeremy Irons).  We get some shots of the masses seemingly rebelling against Superman like some kind of hated political figure.  Soldiers bow at his feet like he’s some feared God and the news coverage debates whether he is good or bad for humanity.  It’s not a good look for the usually perfect golden boy and it seems like Batman will be looking to put him in  his place.  By the looks of it, he’ll have plenty of crazy toys at  his disposal to help him send a message.   There’s batmboiled, both ground and air based, and a pretty beastly looking metal suit unlike anything we’ve seem him break out before. It’s all pretty exciting stuff.

What is the most suggest moment is in the trailers final moments, when Batman and Superman come face to face, and Batman asks,”Tell me. Do you bleed?……..You will.”  What exactly he’s suggesting is unclear  but it doesn’t sound good.  My assumption would be that Superman will take a trip to the dark side but not completely, and of course he and the Caped Crusader will eventually come to terms with one another and team up to take on the real enemy. Or maybe Superman will just got crazy and go on a mad killing spree? Who knows what might happen!?

We’ll be able to find out when Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice is released on March 25, 2016.

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