Disney’s New Tomorrowland Trailer Shows Us The Future

Disney struck gold when the decided to turn a hugely successful attraction, at their theme parks into a blockbuster film, starring Johnny Depp (that would be Pirates of the Caribbean in case you missed it).  Of course, it went on to gross millions, as did its three sequels, so it’s hardly surprising that they are turning Tomorrowland, another successful attraction, into a movie.  The film stars youngster Britt Robertson as Casey, a young girl who finds a strange shirt pin that transports her to an alternate dimension at a touch.  She follows its trail until she find a grumpy man named Frank, who has the answers she needs.  Turns out Frank was a boy genius who things didn’t quite work our for, but who also has some experience with this alternate dimension called Tomorrowland.

The trailer is pretty spectacular, and shows us glimpses of a very impressive futuristic world.  Frank hints at the fact that they need to ‘fix the future,’ as does a villain, played by Hugh Laurie.  What this means exactly we don’t know, but it certainly looks and sounds interesting.  To me, the film (and I assume the ride) seems to be attempting to combine the old school magic of Disney, that we got from castles and forests, with more modern and futuristic ideas.  I think that’s fantastic, and is an example of Disney’s ability to keep up with the times, without losing it’s charm.  Whether or not Tomorrowland will pull it off, remains to be seen, but I like its chances.

The film also stars Kathryn Hahn and Tim McGraw fills in with another role as the hard nosed father.  I’m sure there will be plenty of grander themes in play, adding a lot of depth to the effects and adventures.  George Clooney will bring plenty of credibility and charm, although I do worry slightly about Hugh Laurie playing the villain, as I’ve never seen him in much outside of House.  But Tomorrowland might be his chance to flex his muscles to a broader Hollywood audience a little bit.

Tomorrowland hit’s theaters on May 22nd.

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