David Fincher to Direct “Gone Girl” Adaptation?

gone girl

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Seven director David Fincher may have taken on a new project.  One of our most successful film makers has apparently decided to give serious thought to taking on a project that has long been linked to his name.  According to a number of sources, Fincher is ready to work on an adaptation of the best selling novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  The novel was an instant hit and seems to be tailor made for Fincher’s dark and twisted style.  The man really knows how to make a dark thriller, and Seven still stands as one of the most twisted mysteries of all time.  His other work includes Fight Club another unique and darkly comic film, that is a cult favorite of many, and the less heavy, but no less great Social Network.  The book was full of twists and turns, black humor and wit and great pacing so hopefully Fincher can do for Flynn’s novel what he did for Stieg Larsson’s.

There have also been some rumors regarding the actress who will take on the role of the films female star.  Some suggest that Fincher may recruit his last leading lady, Rooney Mara, but as much as I love her I hope he takes a different director.  I get a little irritated when directors cast the same people in every film.  That’s probably the only criticism I’ve ever had of the great Christopher Nolan, so hopefully Fincher looks to someone else.  I’ve also heard Amy Adams attached to the project, but I can see a Charlize Theron or a Rachel McAdams making for a better perfectionist, goody two shoes type of character.  It depends whether Fincher wants to play more to the dark side of the novel or the witty side of the novel.  We will see!

Here’s to the potential for another “What’s in the box! What’s in the box!” moment folks.  Fingers crossed!


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