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The Complete List Of Marvel Movies Ranked Worst To Best

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is teeming with movies at the moment, and the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  With some more huge titles coming soon as a part of the Marvel Movies Phased approach, it seemed like a good time to present Movie Melt’s list of the best Marvel movies, ranked from worst to best.  Let’s get the ball rolling, with the stinkers…

The Not Worth Mentioning:

These are the movies that are barely Marvel.  The ones that Marvel wishes it didn’t have to claim.  There’s only the four of them, and we won’t go into much detail.  For the sake of completeness though, they made it in but we’re not giving them a photograph.

38. The Man Thing

Basically not even a Marvel film, in that it portrays almost nothing of what Marvel did, this is essentially just a cheap B-movie horror flick.

37. Captain America

Vomit inducing z-movie version of the all American hero.  Nothing to say.

36. The Fantastic Four

I didn’t even know this film existed until I found out it does, but only on Youtube.  That being said, it’s still better than the previous two films, and that sucks for them.

35. Howard The Duck

Believe it or not, George Lucas actually produced this ridiculous film, starring a live action duck.  One of the most horrifyingly silly films ever made.

Bad But We’ll Acknowledge Their Existence

34. Elektra

elektra movie

What do you do when you have a superhero character who has a small and unimpressive role in an even more unimpressive movie, where by the way, that superhero character dies in the end?  Oh, well you would take that superhero and give them their own movie!  Duh.  Jennifer Garner played Elektra in Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, which was panned universally, and then get’s mystically resurrected in her own film which is full of cliches, wooden acting and a silly plot.  It managed to squeak out of the bottom section on the strength of having an actress whose name we know.

33. Punisher: War Zone

punisher war zone

Some people actually consider this film to be a bit of a gem.  I am not one of them.  I actually have it ranked below the other Punisher film.  This one has a much less talented cast (the first is actually a bit of a disappointment considering it’s strong group) and is essentially just an enormous blood bath.  Now, that’s not always a negative thing, but you have to include a little something to take the edge of, like adding a little salt to your brownies.  War Zone does not add any salt.  Except maybe to a bloody open wound.  Dominic West puts in a solid turn as the maniac villain Jigsaw, but that’s the not that high highlight of this one.

32. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage.  I love the guy, as do many, and he’s been in some incredible films.  He’s also been in some absolute stinkers.  The first Ghost Rider film, as you’ll soon read, is pretty darn bad, but it’s sequel which had some big expectations is actually a little worse.  Adding Idris Elba should have been enough but even that couldn’t save this mess, that was bad enough without adding the weak special effects.

31. The Punisher

the punisher

The better of two bad Punisher films, this one is a little less heavy on the violence but has a much better cast with Thomas Jane filling in as the leading man, and John Travolta playing the villain (which he’s shown he can do very well).  They are as serviceable as they can be with some pretty bland material, and at least ensure that the film isn’t completely unwatchable

30. Ghost Rider

ghost rider movie

Having already panned this films sequel, our feelings for it are pretty clear.  This was always going to be cheesy B-Movie fare, which should be right down Nic Cage’s alley, but somehow he was reigned in by the film makers to the point where this film doesn’t even manage to be bad enough for us to laugh at, so basically we just have to watch an empty shell of a bad movie.

29. Daredevil
daredevil movie

Daredevil is probably not actually as bad as it’s place in this list, but it is bad.  The reason it sits here is because you have to factor in disappointment and expectations.  Daredevil has always been a favorite Marvel character, and it’s a real shame that this was the film output.  Ben Affleck took on the lead role as the blind superhero, with Jennifer Garner, Michael Clarke Duncan and Colin Farrell also involved.  The action was cartoony, but not in a Sin City type of way, and overall the film just fell completely flat.  Netflix has a series coming out soon to reboot the character so let’s hope they do a better job.

28. Fantastic Four

fantastic four movie

With the new take on the Fantastic Four on it’s way this year, we can look back on the first of two modern efforts (we can pretend that first one didn’t exist) and truthfully say that it wasn’t very good.  It wasn’t a complete mess, and had some good moments but overall there was just very little actually going on.  Chris Evans is pretty good as the Human Torch and The Thing is well represented but that’s about it.  It’s sequel was ever so mildly better.

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