Coen Brothers Go ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ For Latest Film

inside llewyn davis

The latest trailer for ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ got me thinking about The Coen Brothers.  The Coen Brothers are possibly my favorite directors of films of all time.  I absolutely love everything they do.  Their movies are quirky and unique, and make you feel whatever range of emotions the directors want you to.  Sometimes multiple emotions at once.  Their films are like folk fairy tales, presented in such a way that you feel you are in a world slightly different from our own.  Take the quirky, fantastic ‘Fargo’ or the hilarious ‘The Big Lebowski.’  These are critically acclaimed cult classics, that are often so bizarre one wonders how they are good.  But they just are.  In so many ways.  Even a film like ‘A Simple Man’ amazed me, with it’s bizarre moments and strange allegories and metaphors. An underrated movie in my opinion.

Their most recent success, ‘True Grit,’ the remake of the John Wayne classic, was Oscar nominated.  It was a wonderful western, that managed to be traditional, while having the Coen Brother’s stamp all over it at the same time.  The film was also oozing with sentimentality, something they are also brilliant at providing.  Their finest work, however, is my choice as my favorite film of all time, ‘No Country For Old Men.’  A perfect film in every way, it is chilling, violent and poignant, with some of the most amazing moments of suspense ever seen mixed in with fantastic acting and some brilliant dialogue.  This slightly darker, more serious tone just shows the range these two men are capable of.

With that being said, the latest trailer for their next film ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ has been released, and it look just like a Coen Brothers movie.  Their films are distinct somehow, and I always feel like I could tell you it was them even if I didn’t know it.  What I’m sensing from this trailer though, is that the pair may be heading in a slightly more down to earth and less bizarre territory.  One can never tell with them, however.  The film follows a young folk musician in 1960’s New York, called Llewyn Davis, who is based loosely on folk legend Dave Van Ronk.  It follows his struggles and successes both professionally and personally in a city where his type of music is loved but for some reason is dominated by outsiders.

Oscar Isaac takes on the role of the title character, but will be joined by a great cast featuring Carey Mulligan as what seems to be an ex girlfriend of wife of some kind (who is extremely spiteful by the way), as well as Justin Timberlake and John Goodman.  Timberlake is a rising star in the acting world, and will obviously be used to leverage his musical talents as well while you have to believe Goodman will be used to inject some humor into the proceedings.

The film looks like it may follow most similarly to ‘A Simple Man’ in it’s basic plot line, that has much deeper meaning than what it appears to on the surface.  The trailer moves slowly, as we listen to the fantastic ‘Farewell,’ one of Bob Dylan’s most famous songs.  Dylan was said to be a huge fan of Dave Van Ronk, and perhaps there will even be a character based on him in their somewhere as well.  The music behind the trailer, combined with the plodding of Isaac through the scenes we catch bits and pieces of suggest that this will be a very character driven film.

The trailer ends in genius fashion as well, with Llewyn Davis fumbling over his guitar, finding his chords as he prepares to play a song for a man he wants to gig for.  We watch him prepare but the trailer ends just as he is about to play.  A wonderful piece of suspense and perhaps a preview of the theme of the entire film.  I for one can’t wait to see what the song sounds like, and what the entire realm of the Coen Brother’s genius has to offer us this time around.

Check out the trailer here:

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