Christopher Nolan For ‘Bond 24’? What Would Happen If Nolan Made James Bond?

bond 24

Christopher Nolan for Bond 24?

So Total Film today reported that with Sam Mendes stepping down from directing duties on the James Bond franchise after his huge success on Skyfall, the group at the helm of the films are in talks with Christopher Nolan to take over.  Now, this is in no way confirmed, and the ‘talks’ here could be as basic as them asking Nolan what he thought of the idea.  But we all know that when Nolan takes on a project, it is never a small one and his latest, ‘Interstellar’ is sure to be every bit as epic, time consuming and complex as his other masterpieces.

That being said, Nolan loves taking on huge challenges and projects and making them into items of complete beauty.  Why not one of the most famous and beloved film franchises of all time.  The only different here is that when Nolan took on the Batman franchise, it was at its lowest point.  However, one could argue that Skyfall was the highest point the Bond franchise has been on in the last 20 years.  So there is a different dynamic there.  There is a little more pressure.  Nolan wouldn’t mind that though, I don’t think.

So, despite the unlikelihood of the now legendary director taking the helm on Bond 24, the chance that it could happen, or even that he may take on a later Bond film has me wondering… what would happen if he did?  Let’s take a look at a few possibilities, Movie Melt style…

How Would Nolan’s Bond Shake Out?

1. Nolan would take a classic Bond villain and make them bad-ass (and less campy)

Nolan has shown the amazing ability during the Dark Knight franchise, to take classic bad guys and turn them into super cool, scary, memorable villains who manage to end up being the fans favorite character in the movie.  I mean, Heath Ledger won awards for The Joker, and Tom Hardy’s Bane was literally one of the baddest assest bad guys I’ve ever seen.  Imagine what he could do with the Bond franchise, and it’s never ending list of classic villains.  Of course, that’s just the thing.  I don’t think anyone COULD guess what he would do.

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman as Goldfinger??
  • Ken Watanabe as Oddjob??
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Francisco Scaramanga
  • Or even….Tom Hardy as Jaws???

Sound stupid?  Well, so would Heath Ledger as the Joker, and look how that turned out.

bond 24

2. Bond would lose his memory or have a psychological breakdown at the beginning of the film…

Nolan’s plots have never been simple or basic.  They are historically complex and quite frankly, genius.  Bond plots are becoming more and more complex, with a lot more depth of character, but Nolan could definitely go nuts here.  Bond is classic for being very mysterious, and although we have learned much about his past, especially during Skyfall, much is still left unknown.  Nolan would likely take some psychological plot device and allow it to give him free reign on some mind bending writing.    How about this one?  The villain manages to screw with Bonds head by convincing him that his only real love Vesper (from Casino Royale) was still alive?  Or he has a brother?  He has a son!?  Sounds a little crazy and too cliche, but Nolan could do it.  He’ll have to do something to differentiate things from the past.  The great thing is, my ideas suck.  His ideas would once again be un-guessable.  So I’m just being an idiot here.

3.  He would change the ‘Bond Girl’ phenomenon completely by casting Jessica Chastain and/or Ellen Page

As we’ve seen in Bond Girl movies throughout the years, the art of the ‘Bond Girl’ is not a particularly different one.  The formula tends to be that two extremely attractive women are cast, one of whom will likely die early or end up being a villain, and the other who lasts the length and provides James with someone to save before the films conclusion.  However, if Nolan took over I have a feeling he would change that up a little bit.  He would cast a strong, powerful lead woman who would almost take as much importance as Bond himself.  No more eye candy being dragged along.  Jessica Chastain would be perfect here.  This would really challenge Bond, and force him to up his game with the women, and would certainly add some intelligence to the old dynamic.  But for those of you who want eye candy, it isn’t like Jessica Chastain isn’t something to look at!!

Or how about Ellen Page?  The wise cracking, super intelligent side kick.  Probably a witness of some kind, or a computer expert.  A love interest for Q??  She would take on a little sister/daughter type of relationship with Bond, and force him to go somewhere we haven’t seen him go emotionally.  More complexity.

So Would It Work

Sounds like an easy answer.  Yes!! Yes!!

Well…. yes and no.  Here is the thing.  In terms of how awesome the film or films that he takes on would be.  Yes.  He would kill it.  It would be the best Bond ever.  No doubt.  The problem is this.  Nolan is a franchise killer.  Good luck to the next director of a Batman film.  You just can’t top what he did there.  You can’t.  Then there’s the Bond franchise, all 23 films of it.  You can’t allow Christopher Nolan make the unbeatable Bond film, if you plan to continue the franchise.  Bond will never seem quite as good again…..

Regardless, I want to see it happen.  I’m a sucker…..

Make it happen Chris.


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