Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox Team Up In ‘White House Down’

Check out this trailer for ‘White House Down’ by Roland Emmerich, starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx.

It is not that often that you see a unique concept used for the same movie twice in the same year, well not when both are blockbuster sized films at least.  With ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ being released soon, you would think that another film about the demise of The White House would be unwise and a bit redundant.  This could be true, one could argue that it could lead to more intrigue for the latest effort.  If ‘Olympus’ is terrible, people may say “Wow, that was an interesting concept, but the film was bad.  Maybe this next one will be a better version?”  If ‘Olympus’ is great, then people may be turned onto the concept and look to see more of it.  We will see.

The latest variation, will be the latest movie from big scale director Roland Emmerich, known for making large scale, big budget disaster films such as ‘Independence Day’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’  What we know about Emmerich tells us that the film is going to be filled with special effects and CGI, but it also tells us that these are likely to be pretty damn good for the most part, which we already know is not the case with ‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ which has already by ridiculed for it’s horrible, outsourced CGI work (see my article on the subject  So we basically know that ‘White House Down’ has that category locked up, but how will it stack up in other areas.

With the two main stars of the film being Channing Tatum, as a secret service hopeful, who was recently turned down for the job, being tasked with the job of protecting President of the United States, Jamie Foxx, during an unexpected terrorist attack.  Jamie Foxx has certainly proven himself as a fantastic actor, and Tatum is beginning to come into his own in recent years and is definitely capable of providing us with highly entertaining action and witty, Bruce Willis in ‘Die Hard’ style humor.  You actually get the impression from the trailer that this comparison may not be too far from where they want the film to be aimed.  It is a hard formula to recreate, but it is also one which has provided success in the past.

The trailer makes it difficult to tell the true tone of the film, whether it will be more serious and dark, or a little closer to the high end entertainment, action, humor and one-liners that we are familiar with in Roland Emmerich’s previous work.  He did take on a more serious and low key job in making his William Shakespeare based film ‘Anonymous’ so this is certainly not set in stone.  I for one am interested to see how this one turns out, and hopefully the answer is a positive one.

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