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mad max fury road

Mad Max Fury Road Trailer Shows No Mercy

Mad Max Fury Road is a movie that has been almost 25 years in the making.  Planned and written over the course of that time, the film just couldn’t find the light of day.  However, …

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sin city a dame to kill for

Sin City Returns With ‘A Dame To Kill For’ Trailer

In 2005, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino helped bring Frank Miller’s epic graphic novel series, Sin City to the big screen in truly unique fashion.  Sin City was visually like nothing we’d seen before, and …

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enemy movie jake gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal Takes On Himself In New ‘Enemy’ Trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal and ‘Prisoners’ director Denis Villeneuve have reunited for another dark thriller, ‘Enemy’.  Check out the trailer here and then read on to see what I make of it. When I read about this film …

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transcendence depp

New Trailer for ‘Transcendence’ – Johnny Depp Goes Artificial

Transcendence has been one of the most talked about future projects for quite some time, since it’s screenplay became common knowledge.  Partially produced by Christopher Nolan and directed (in a debut) by one of Nolan’s …

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interstellar mcconaughey

First Teaser For Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

With the project still far in the distance in terms of actual release date, Paramount have released a long teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan’s next film ‘Interstellar’ a science fiction film about pushing the boundaries …

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edge of tomorrow trailer tom cruise

Tom Cruise’s Warrior Groundhog Day in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer

Tom Cruise has made nothing but blockbusters lately, and is well known for some of his sci-fi films such as Oblivion and Minority Report.  His latest film, Edge Of Tomorrow, is based on a Japanese …

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jupiter ascending channing tatum

‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer – From The Creators of The Matrix

The creators of The Matrix, The Wachowskis, have had mixed success since they hit it big with their blockbuster Matrix Trilogy.  Their bizarre and in my opinion, nearly unwatchable ‘Speed Racer’ wasn’t received very well, …

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‘Homefront’ – The 19th Sequel To One Of The Jason Statham Movies

If you’ve been watching television over this lead up period to Thanksgiving, you’ve probably been exposed to the trailer for, or some other form of advertisement for, ‘Homefront,’ a new movie starring Jason Statham and …

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Russell Crowe Builds A Biblically Challenged Arc In ‘Noah’ Trailer

When I saw the new trailer for Darren Aronofsky‘s biblical (I say this with caution, as you’ll read shortly) epic ‘Noah’, I was a little bit surprised.  I had heard nothing about the film, and …

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king of herrings

Indie Movies Spotlight: Eddie Jemison’s ‘King of Herrings’

Sometimes, a movie just needs characters.  I love a good blockbuster, and I love high stakes and great special effects.  But as special effects, budgets and ideas get bigger and bigger, sometimes movie makers and …

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