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It Comes At Night Review

It Comes At Night is a riveting, tension thrilled film from Trey Edward Shults, starring Joel Edgerton and Carmen Ejogo.

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american sniper

American Sniper Isn’t What We Think It Is

I’m an American Sniper. I look at the terrorist through my scope, and follow him to my right, down a dusty street. My cross hair sits right below his forehead. I take a deep breath …

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rust cohle

10 Reasons You Wish You Were True Detective’s Rust Cohle

  With rumors of True Detective season 2 casting and plot swirling around the internet, and finally starting to take shape, I wanted to take a look back at Season 1.  As we hear about …

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the big sleep noir

A Journey Through The Best Film Noir Movies Ever

When someone asks you what your favorite genre of movies is, it’s always a difficult question to answer, because on any given day you could be in the mood for something different, and there is …

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true detective season 2

Our Best Casting Ideas For HBO’s True Detective Season 2

For those of you who watch it, and I certainly hope you do, HBO’s incredible new series True Detective came to an end last night in a gripping finale.  Throughout the 8-episode series, Matthew McConaughey …

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Movie Melt Present’s Our Oscars: The 2014 Melties

So 2013 was an absolutely incredible year in film.  We saw one of the best groups of Best Picture nominees ever assembled, and even some films that were left out but well deserved such as …

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12 years a slave oscar

Why “12 Years a Slave” WILL win Best Picture

This is not meant to be a review of the film. James reviewed it back in November. ( He gave it a 9/10. Whether I say it was a 9, 9.5, or even a 10, it …

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The State of Modern Horror: Sequels, Slasher Films and Torture Porn

Sequels, Slasher Films and Torture Porn: What has happened to modern Horror? So I know I’m a little late to the game with this one, but I just watched The Conjuring for the first time. …

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Science, Symbolism and Spirituality: A Gravity Movie Analysis (SPOILERS)

Gravity Movie Analysis (SPOILERS): Science, Symbolism and Spirituality If you’ve read my Gravity movie review, you’ll know that I loved the film and you’ll also know that the film is a visual masterpiece and a cinematic …

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Batfleck? Ben Affleck to Play Batman – Why We SHOULD Be Excited

Brace yourselves movie fans.  Warner Bros announced yesterday that they have filled the role that Christian Bale played so iconically in the Dark Knight trilogy, much, much sooner than anyone thought they would even consider …

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