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wolf of wall street

Wolf Of Wall Street Review: Scorsese and Dicaprio Back Together

I’ll start off by saying that I went into this movie with great bias and high expectations. I’ll unapologetically admit that I’m a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan and a huge Martin Scorsese fan. I think …

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nebraska bruce dern

‘Nebraska’ Review: Bruce Dern Cashes In

Alexander Payne has made a living making movies about families and relationships.  He doesn’t direct movies that often but when he does they tend to be pretty good.  His latest project, Nebraska, a black and …

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matthew mcconaugher

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Review: Matthew McConaughey Weight Loss Worth It?

Biopics are plentiful in the world of movies these days.  Some good, some average or disappointing, and some just plain bad.  The latest, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ is about the true story of famous, or perhaps …

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‘Out Of The Furnace’ Review: All Star Cast, All Star Movie?

Some movies are just not made to make you happy.  Out Of The Furnace is certainly one of those movies.  This bleak, desolate thriller has an absolute A-List cast, the likes of which is not …

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‘Europa Report’ Review: Low Budget Sci-Fi Meets Recorded Footage

Science fiction exploration films have been done many times before.  So have found footage films.  Europa Report may be the first to noticeably combine the two though, in this movie about 6 astronauts sent to …

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drinking buddies

‘Drinking Buddies’ Review: Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde Get Drunk

Beer is just a huge part of my life.  I love it.  All kinds of beer.  Porters, stouts, IPAs, Wheat Beers, Lagers, the whole nine yards.  Beer is something you drink with good food, on …

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12 years a slave

’12 Years A Slave’ Review: America’s Darkest Memories

Slavery is a topic that has been covered in television, books and movies for many years, but somehow never quite like with 12 Years A Slave, a uniquely personal movie about one of America’s darkest …

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thor the dark world

Thor: The Dark World Review: Marvel Keeps The Ball Rolling

Marvel continues to crank out movie after movie, and while some of their films are certainly better than others, on the whole the studio just can do no wrong.  Here , with Thor: The Dark …

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gravity movie

Gravity Review: A Cinematic, Visual Masterpiece.

Gravity Movie Review Gravity stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as a medical engineer and a veteran astronaut, who fight the dangers of space after an accident causes their mission to turn disastrous.  Directed and …

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The Way Way Back

The Way, Way Back Review: Sam Rockwell Steals The Show

The Way, Way Back is a coming of age comedy starring Sam Rockwell, Steve Carell and Liam James, about an awkward boy on a summer trip with his mother and step father, trying to find …

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