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selma movie

Selma Review – A Powerful Portrayal

It took close to half a century to get a biopic about Martin Luther King Jr. made. One of the most influential men in the history on our world, whose words have been immortalized and ...

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a most violent year

A Most Violent Year Review: Oscar Is Oscar Worthy

Every year there are a number of films and actors who get snubbed at the Academy Awards.  I only complain when it’s really, really egregious because the fact is, when you’re talking about a snubbed ...

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calvary film

Calvary Review: Salvation In The Suffering?

I’m not sure I will ever want to watch Calvary again.  That may be an exaggeration.  I certainly won’t be watching it again any time soon however.  So, the movie stinks, review over, right?  No. ...

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The Babadook Review: Finally, A Really Scary Movie.

?Good horror movies are pretty difficult to come by these days.  Movies that really get under your skin and make you lose a little sleep.  The ones that make you turn on that light in ...

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the imitation game

The Imitation Game Review

The story of Enigma is likely the most important story you had never heard.  Films based on true stories of real historical significance are always fantastic Oscar bait, particularly when they are full of fantastic ...

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boyhood movie

Boyhood Movie Review: 12 Years A Boy

Boyhood is a wonderful film but an inexperienced lead performance and fleeting nature hamper it’s Best Picture worth. Movies almost always deal with a small snapshot in time.  A period of time that is relatively ...

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american sniper

American Sniper Review

Chris Kyle’s autobiography American Sniper was endlessly popular, or at least it sold an awful lot of copies.  If I had the will, desire and numbers this is where I’d throw in some clever calculation that said ...

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the hobbit the battle of the five armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Review

Middle Earth has been with us on the big screen now since 2001, when Peter Jackson brought us The Fellowship of the Ring.  The original Lord of the Rings trilogy was of course one of ...

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foxcatcher movie

Foxcatcher Movie Review

Some stories are so bizarre that they’re bound to one day make it to the big screen.  The story of Foxcatcher is one of those tales.  Wrestlers are a funny bunch, and to be an ...

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whiplash movie

Whiplash Movie Review

From the moment we’re born, all we ever hear from parents, teachers and coaches is that in order to be great, or successful, we have to work hard.  Harder than the next person.  Harder than ...

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