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lore movie review

‘Lore’ Movie Review

‘Lore’ Movie Review “The difference between treason and patriotism is only a matter of dates.” ― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo ‘Lore’ is a unique art house film under the umbrella of Holocaust …

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‘Room 237’ Review: Analyzing Critical Analysis…

Theme For those of us who have seen director Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining,’ we all know how unique, bizarre and often times confusing, the film can be.  The film has …

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Evil Dead: An Opinion

I am not a big scary movie fan, beings that I am a huge pussy. My mom once bought me a cassette tape of lullabies with my name in the lyrics, and I FREAKED OUT …

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The Place Beyond The Pines

‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ Movie Review

Derek Cianfrance’s last film, ‘Blue Valentine’ was a raw, emotional collection of snapshots that documented the best and worst aspects of love and relationships.  Cianfrance did so in a way that was so agonizingly real, …

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Tyler Perry Tempation

‘Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor’ Review

Say what you will about Tyler Perry, but he is a busy guy. He started from nothing and has slowly built his own little empire with a loyal fan base. But the thing I love …

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The Host Movie

‘The Host’ Review: Twilight Or Something More?

Write a book and sell that book. Once it sells millions of copies, write three more books and say it was meant to be a series. Get a movie deal and make millions of dollars. …

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Spring Breakers Movie

Wayner’s “Spring Breakers” Review: Good Girls Gone Wild

Sex. Drugs. Violence. Sex. Those are the only reasons anyone can justify why they went to see this movie. Anyone who says they just wanted to see how Selena Gomez handled this role is lying. …

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