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atomic blonde

Atomic Blonde Review: Charlize Theron Vs. Everyone

It’s been a strong summer for women kicking some serious ass.  Wonder Woman hit the screens and became a critical and box office smash.  Now, with Atomic Blonde, Charlize Theron steps up to the plate …

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the big sick

The Big Sick Review: It’s funny because it’s true…

It feels like it’s been forever since I went to or reviewed a romantic comedy.  Or a romance.  Or a comedy.  It’s a wonder that I’ve not gone off the deep edge.  For the sake …

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a ghost story

A Ghost Story Review: A haunting of a different kind.

Some movies are really difficult to review.  A Ghost Story is one of those movies.  At the risk of driving readers away from my own review, I’d almost suggest not reading further until you’ve seen …

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dunkirk movie

Dunkirk Movie Review: Christopher Nolan recreates the amazing true story

Christopher Nolan is known for Fantasy, epic Science Fiction concepts, and the Dark Knight.  Films like Inception, Interstellar and The Prestige.  But with Dunkirk, he has returned to the real world.  A true story, as …

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spiderman homecoming

Spiderman: Homecoming – Your Friendly Neighborhood Review

Well, as Marvel’s highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity Wars approaches, the company continues to set the scene with it’s solo movies, with Thor: Ragnarok on it’s way, and Black Panther a little further down the line. …

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Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver is a fairly rare thing these days – a summer action flick that isn’t a sequel, spin-off or prequel.  Edgar Wright’s car-crime-caper is a box office and critical darling at the moment.  The …

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wonder woman

Wonder Woman Review

So who assumed, when they heard that Wonder Woman was the next of the DC super hero flicks, that it would be just as bad as the other recent efforts?  Yeah, me too.  I mean, …

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It Comes At Night Review

It Comes At Night is a riveting, tension thrilled film from Trey Edward Shults, starring Joel Edgerton and Carmen Ejogo.

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The Martian Review – Science To The Rescue

Prometheus was Ridley Scott’s latest and last Sci-Fi effort set in space, and it was quite a marvel.  He follows it up with this adaptation of Andy Weir’s fantastic novel, The Martian.  It’s an ambitious …

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Black Mass Review – Johnny Depp Is A Bad Man

Crime biopics are a dime a dozen in the history of cinema.  Many are among the greatest films of all time, and if done correctly it’s a strong recipe for success.  There are some bad …

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