american hustle

Bradley Cooper Gets a Perm For New ‘American Hustle’ Trailer

american hustle

Director David O’Russel has had some huge successes in recent years, with fantastic Oscar nominated films such as The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook.  Here, shown in the latest trailer for ‘American Hustle’ he teams up with the same folks who he’s had all of this success with for a look into the seedy, seductive and dangerous world of con artists in the late 1970’s.  The cast includes Christian Bale and Amy Adams who starred in The Fighter, and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence who starred more recently in Silver Linings Playbook.  Check out the trailer here:

In the film, Bale stars as a brilliant conman, named Irving who is recruited to help a fellow conman who is actually an FBI agent, named Richie Dimaso (Cooper).  The two are tasked with helping the FBI with a massive sting operation that will target various other big name con-men and government officials who are also involved.  Jeremy Renner plays one such government member, the mayor of New Jersey.

Of course, things are not all that simple.  With Irving having an equally brilliant partner in crime, in his lover (Amy Adams) and a wife (Jennifer Lawrence) whose volatility makes the idea of the whole operation a lot less certain that it could be.

With such a brilliant cast and director, this film has the potential to be absolutely fantastic and based on the trailer it certainly will be.  The transformations of the characters are fantastic, particularly looking at our two female leads, who look positively slutty in the most flash 70s and 80s kind of way.  Then there is Bradley Coopers perm and beard.  Oh boy.

There were a lot of rumors regarding this film and it’s casting, but for me, David O’Russel has managed to corral a fantastic group who are clearly some of the hottest in the industry today.  I didn’t even mention smaller appearances from Robert De Niro and Michael Pena to boot!  It is difficult to find anything not to be excited about here, so let’s see if it comes through!

For anyone interested, check out the story the film is based on which is about a sting operation named ‘Abscam.’


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