Bond Visits Old Faces In New Spectre Trailer

The long awaited first trailer for the next James Bond film, Spectre, has finally been revealed.  It’s a classic teaser trailer, somewhat cryptic and full of hints and dark shadows.  But Daniel Craig is back in his usual suave mode, with a little edge and it appears that he’s set to tangle with some more old faces from his past.  Moneypenny mentions a secret that he’s reluctant to share, and it may relate to the story line we mentioned in our previous Spectre post, involving an old mentor of Bond that appeared in the novel Octopussy.  Christoph Waltz makes a brief and dark appearance at the end of the trailer, and it seems all the more likely that he may be taking a role commonly called Blofeld in the previous Bond incarnations of Spectre.

So, there’s a lot going on here folks, is what I’m basically saying.  The cast from the previous film return, including Ralph Fiennes as M, Naomie Harris as Moneypenny and Ben Whishaw as Q, plus the additions of Cristoph Waltz, Monica Belluci, Léa Seydoux and Dave Bautista.  The plot, as is well known, revolves around the secret criminal organization, Spectre, which featured in many Bond films over the years.  However, we really don’t know much about how Sam Mendes’ incarnation of the group will look and what their motivations will be.  It’s certain that they’ll be sinister though, and my theory is that their leader(s) may have some kind of personal connection to Bond that reveals itself throughout.

These Daniel Craig Bond films have been pretty fantastic, and Skyfall was perhaps the greatest of all.  It will be incredibly tough to top that, but if Spectre is able to get anywhere close then we’re in for a treat folks.  Another narrative here is the question of how many more Daniel Craig is going to make, and of course there have been rumors that this may be his last, with Idris Elba on deck for the future.  But for now, let’s just focus on what is in front of us.

Spectre is set to be released on November 6, 2015.

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