true detective season 2

Our Best Casting Ideas For HBO’s True Detective Season 2

true detective season 2

For those of you who watch it, and I certainly hope you do, HBO’s incredible new series True Detective came to an end last night in a gripping finale.  Throughout the 8-episode series, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson put in amazing performances Detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart.  The show immediately became massive in terms of popularity, due to it’s incredible cast and writing, and it’s dark subject matter.

The show is filled with disturbing subject matter, gripping suspense, incredible dialogue and ominous symbolism, while also containing some wonderfully human moments full of character development and interaction.  However, the tough part for fans is that it is confirmed that each season of True Detective will be stand alone, meaning season 2 will not contain this incredible cast or follow the same story.  However, what we do know is that the same creators will be on board, and they will be looking to cast an equally fantastic group.  Details we do know, from writer Nic Pizzolatto is that the show may be set in Southern California and to quote the writer to HitFlix, will be full of “hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system”

So knowing that a new cast will be in place, here are some of our best suggestions at cast members for HBO’s True Detective Season 2, knowing that we need ‘hard women’ and a ‘bad men’:

 ‘Hard Women’

Jessica Chastain

jessica chastain zero dark thirty
Jessica Chastain is our number one choice.

I think it’s safe to say that Jessica Chastain has proven her ability to do the hard woman thing after her incredible turn in Zero Dark Thirty, and she’s shown an ability to do the dark sexy role too in Lawless.  Her movement into horror like Mama, and the upcoming Crimson Peak makes her probably my number one choice to play a hard nosed, female detective in a dangerous, dark setting.

Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer lawrence winters bone
Jennifer Lawrence can do gritty when she wants to

This may seem like a surprising choice, and many will think ‘just because she was in The Hunger Games’ doesn’t mean she can do REAL tough.  Well, I’d ask that you take a look back at Winter’s Bone and tell me that she isn’t able to do a gritty, non-glamorous type of role.  I think in a certain type of scenario she would be an interesting choice.

Rosario Dawson

rosario dawson sin city
Rosario Dawson is as versatile as they come

Rosario is one of the most daring actresses out there and has a very tough streak with roles like Sin City and the unsettling thriller Trance.  I’d say the latter is a brilliant example of what she could bring to a role like this, and I think that while she may seem like a shocker, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her pop up on the cast list.

Charlize Theron

charlize theron
The perfect blend of sexy and gritty

Charlize Theron is someone who I think would be absolutely incredible for True Detective Season 2.  She is quite possibly the sexiest woman in Hollywood, but the great thing is that does not stop her from taking on gritty, daring and often unsexy roles like ‘Monster’ or ‘The Road’.  She can pretty much do anything and would bring everything HBO wants in terms of sex appeal, hard nosed acting and daring style.

Rhona Mitra

rhona mitra
Not the finest actress on the list but she’s pure toughness

Rhona Mitra is another stunning actress in the looks department, with that dark, almost haunting type of look.  She has used this in a variety of horror and dark mystery roles like Underworld, Hollow Man and The Life of David Gale.  She has a gritty nature and would make for a very bad-ass detective, but she may lack a little bit in terms of depth as an actress.

Eva Green

sin city a dame to kill for
By the time True Detective Season 2 rolls around Eva will be on top of the world

Eva Green has been picking up a lot of momentum lately, and is on a bit of a roll.  She has just starred in the new 300 sequel, has a prominent role in the dark new horror series ‘Penny Dreadful’ which has yet to be released and has played villains in the past in films like Casino Royale, and will be doing so again in the new Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.  She has that dark and almost gothic look which would make her an interesting choice for a hard nosed female detective.

‘Bad Men’

Josh Brolin

One of the flat out toughest actors in Hollywood, Josh Brolin has shown us what he could bring to a roll like this with performances in No Country For Old Men, Gangster Squad and Oldboy.  He can play good, bad or somewhere in between in a no nonsense fashion.  His versatility would make for a great role where the viewer never quite knows what side he is on.

josh brolin no country
They don’t come much tougher than Josh Brolin

Ethan Hawke

Another actor who is very versatile but notorious for roles in darker films and horrors.  He has been in the likes of The Purge and Sinister, but his roles in Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead and especially Training Day really showcase his strengths in this genre.  He is a pretty creepy looking guy to boot, and another who could balance the line between good and evil brilliantly.

ethan hawke training day
Ethan Hawke has a lot of experience doing sinister work

Ryan Gosling

This might be a bit of a surprise pick, but after his performances in Drive, Only God Forgives and Place Beyond The Pines I think it’s safe to say that Gosling could do True Detective Season 2.  My concern would be that it would be very difficult to have him as an all out bad guy.  He’s more of the lovable bad guy, or the anti-hero but that could add to the shocking nature of the show.

ryan gosling place beyond the pines
Gosling will be tough to hate but could make a great character

Laurence Fishburne

One angle they could take here is a young woman detective, paired up with an older, seasoned detective, in a Training Day style affair, and I think Lawrence Fishburne would be a great choice for this.  The dude can be flat out creepy, but his work on things like The Matrix and Event Horizon show that he has that deep, philosophical type of vibe that would be needed here.

laurence fishburne hannibal
Laurence Fishburne could be the old veteran with a twisted secret

Mark Strong

Now, if you want to talk about a flat out bad guy, and a flat out bad ass, you will talk about Mr. Mark Strong.  This is a guy who has played bad guys and tough guys his whole career and will likely continue to do so, which would make him perfect for a role like this if they want a little less ambiguity in terms of which way he’s leaning.

mark strong
Mark Strong can do tough guys on both sides of the fence

Tom Hardy

Lastly, a great choice for a grittier type of actor in True Detective Season 2 might be british actor Tom Hardy, who is incredibly versatile and can do tough and bad about as well as anybody.  Put him next to someone like Jessica Chastain or Charlize Theron and I’d say the sky would be the limit for the next installment.

tom hardy lawless
A show like True Detective is right down Hardy’s alley

What do you think of our choices for True Detective Season 2?  Anyone you disagree with, or think that we’ve missed off of the list?  There are a lot of great choices out there, and we tried to only add people who weren’t already committed to other shows.  Let us know what other True Detective Season 2 rumors you’ve heard!

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