A Clear Vision In Latest Avengers Age Of Ultron Trailer

avengers age of ultron

The anticipation continues to rise as yet another The Avengers Age of Ultron trailer has been released, and this one is just as good as the rest and even gives us our first sneaky look …

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Human Robotics In New Ex Machina Trailer

Ex Machina has been a hotly discussed film among movie fans recently, and we get our first look at Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller here with the new Ex Machina trailer.  Garland gained fame by writing …

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March 2015: Best New Movies On Netflix Instant

how to train your dragon 2

Following the Oscars, there are plenty of movies and TV shows coming to the Netflix Instant streaming service in March, 2015.  The volume seems down slightly from last month, but there are some very big …

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Focus Review: Can Will Smith Land The Big Con?

focus movie

Will Smith hasn’t been very busy lately.  He’s been quiet since 2008 basically, with a brief reemergence to make Men In Black 3 and the critical failure that was After Earth.  It looks like he’s …

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Harrison Ford And Denis Villeneuve In For Blade Runner 2

blade runner 2

Huge, huge news for Blade Runner fans.  It’s been reported that Harrison Ford is on board to reprise his role as ‘replicant’ hunter Rick Deckard in a Blade Runner sequel that will take place a …

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New Creed Movie: Could Rocky Spin Off Surprise Us?

creed movie

The Rocky movie franchise is one of the most famous and loved of all time.  The original 1976 Rocky ended up taking home the Oscar for Best Picture after a wonderful performance from Sylvester Stallone, and …

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Legal Battle Over Joseph Kahn’s Power Rangers Reboot

power rangers

Veteran music video maker Joseph Kahn has brought together some well known names to create a retro-nerd’s dream, a reboot of Power Rangers but in a much, much darker form than we all remember.  James …

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Complete List Of 2015 Oscar Winners

Following a great 2015 Oscars show, here are a complete list of 2015 Oscar winners.  Neil Patrick Harris did a nice job hosting, although he did keep it rather safe.  There were some awkward moments, …

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Will Neill Blomkamp’s New Alien Movie Involve Time Travel?

Neill Blomkamp Alien

So Neill Blomkamp has announced a new Alien film, and we think that there may be clues pointing towards yet another bit of franchise rejuvenating time travel trickery.  Let me explain. Earlier on Wednesday, Neill Blomkamp dropped …

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The Complete List Of Marvel Movies Ranked Worst To Best

marvel movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is teeming with movies at the moment, and the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  With some more huge titles coming soon as a part of the Marvel Movies Phased …

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