Ethan Hawke Pulls The Trigger In Good Kill Trailer

good kill movie

Ethan Hawke has been a busy man lately, and he’s back in this new trailer for Good Kill, where he plays a former fighter pilot, turned military drone controller, who begins to question the morality …

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Trailer: Tom Takes On The Syndicate

mission impossible rogue nation

The first teaser trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation has finally been revealed, and although rumors are claiming that a longer trailer will be released shortly, we felt that we needed to share this one …

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The 20 Best Time Travel Movies Ever

back to the future time travel

Time travel movies have been around for a long time, in one form or another.  It’s been an intriguing, fun and complex plot device ever since legendary author H.G. Wells published his novel The Time Machine …

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New Avengers 2 TV Spot Has A Much Lighter Tone

avengers age of ultron

The Avengers 2 (otherwise known as Age of Ultron) has been pounding us with teasers, trailers and TV spots for a while now and they’ve all bee pretty similar in that they’ve had a very …

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New Details About Batman’s Suicide Squad Appearance

Ben Affleck Batman

Rumors of Batman’s involvement in the upcoming DC Universe film Suicide Squad have been swirling for a while now, and today an Instagram post from Latino-Review’s Umberto Gonzalez has revealed some much more in depth …

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Felicity Jones Gets The Lead In Star Wars: Rogue One

rogue one

With all kinds of rumors swirling about the upcoming Star Wars spin-off Star Wars: Rogue One, we’ve been given some hard information that we can take to the bank.  Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilms have …

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The Salvation Review: Simple But Effective Revenge Western

the salvation

I’m a huge fan of the western.  It’s a genre with it’s own rules, and it has provided us with some of the greatest films of all time, particularly in the middle of the 20th …

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No Escape Trailer Is Intense With A Serious Owen Wilson

no escape trailer

Owen Wilson has one serious before, and it looks like he’s going to try it again in this new No Escape trailer that just hit the internet.  It’s a action packed trailer that barely let’s …

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Disney’s New Tomorrowland Trailer Shows Us The Future

tomorrowland britt robertson

Disney struck gold when the decided to turn a hugely successful attraction, at their theme parks into a blockbuster film, starring Johnny Depp (that would be Pirates of the Caribbean in case you missed it).  …

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The 10 Best Fighting Movies Of All Time

fight club

Fighting movies are a different breed of film.  After watching Ronda Rousey destroy Cat Zingano in 14 seconds this past weekend, I felt inspired to put together a list of the best fighting movies ever. …

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