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Alexander Payne’s directorial efforts are few and far between, but his last two films, ‘Sideways’ and ‘The Descendants’ were fantastic.  The Descendants was Oscar nominated for Best Picture and actually won the Best Adapted Screenplay award.  Following that success, Payne will take us on another family related journey, in his black and white film, ‘Nebraska.’

Check out the trailer here:

The film will star Bruce Dern and Will Forte as a father and son who take a journey from Montana to Nebraska to collect millions in prize money that the father believes he has won.  However, the son, David, believes it to be a scam, but is unable to convince his father.  Along the way, they meet up with old family, friends and folks who the father, Woody, owes money to.  This of course leads to a number of awkward, heartfelt, sad and funny situations.

Bruce Dern is a perfect, rough looking, old veteran actor for such a role, although his history is generally with bad guys.  Will Forte was cast instead of a big name actor, and I primarily recognize him as the cross dressing boyfriend of Jenna in 30 Rock!  So for me it’s a fascinating piece of casting, and I’m interested to see what Payne does with it.

Payne’s films are always big on relationship dynamics between people.  Relationships with lovers, friends and family are his thing and he has a knack for finding the subtleties that we can all relate to.  Often times they are funny and sad at the same time, and this particular story presents the opportunity to do more of the same.

The film will be in black and white, which Payne feels will give it that old fashioned feel, that suits the story and the settings of Montana and Nebraska.  The film was very well received at Cannes and was nominated for the coveted Palm d’Or award.  Bruce Dern actually won the Best Actor award at that festival, so hopefully this is a sign of another fantastic performance for the veteran, to go with his Oscar nomination for supporting actor in ‘Coming Home’.

Look out for the film in late 2013.

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