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Welcome to MovieMelt!

Movie Melt is exactly what the name suggests.  It is a melting pot of everything related to the world of movies, and is every movie-buff’s dream.  In our melting pot of movie madness you’ll find news, reviews and articles written by a group of movie fans who all have our own opinions, but share a deep rooted love of films.  We love big budget Hollywood blockbusters and we love small scale independent films.  We love foreign films and films made in a 16 year old’s backyard.  We want to share this love with our readers and we want to pull no punches.  You’ll find some bold opinions here, and you’ll also find unique perspectives.  We don’t want you to read the same thing here as you do on other blogs.  The writing here will never be generic, and will often spark some heated debates.  That’s just how we like it!

Our Writers

James Martin (jmartin1344) – Owner/Editor/Writer

As your host, I am happy to say that I started this blog in the hopes of making a mark in the online world of movies.  Having always loved movies and being an aspiring writer, it only made sense to start MovieMelt.  I like to think I know my movies, and I also like to think that I will be the calming influence around this community, with some of my fellow writers proving already that they do no know the meaning of the word ‘filter.’  I’m alright with that, and I certainly hope you all enjoy it also.  My taste in movies is completely diverse, and there really isn’t a genre I love.  I’m a huge fan of the classics, and I have a secret desire to be Humphrey Bogart.  I also have a secret wish that Grace Kelly would come back to life so that I could marry her.  As Humphrey Bogart.  So that’s a little bit about me.

Wayner – Editor/Writer

Also on board, is our resident film maker, Mr Wayne.  An aspiring film maker, Wayner is certainly the most knowledgeable member of our team in terms of the actual art of making movies.  With an independent short film under his belt already, as well as a lot of other film set experience, this is the guy who knows how things go on behind the scenes.  To go along with this, I can tell you right now that this guys movie collection is out of control.  I’m surprised his girlfriend has stuck around so long, because he clearly can’t be spending any money on her.  Wayner is a huge fan of anything original, and unique, so you can be sure that you’ll find some inventive and enlightening stuff in anything Wayner decides to share with us.  He also loves a good debate, so please feel free to start one!

Angry Critic – Writer/Editor

This guy is Angry.  He loves movies, but he hates democrats.  Our president is a Democrat.  I voted for a Democrat.  Where this leaves us is essentially, Angry Critic hates me and he takes out his hatred during his writing.  He is not particularly pleasant, and he will not make many friends during his time here, but I can assure you that if you just embrace this scorned Republican’s rage, you’ll find some fantastic, insightful and original ideas that I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to find anywhere else.  Hell, some of you might even agree with his bold opinions.  I usually don’t.




  1. I would like to submit my trailer for your site. Apocalypse Kiss is a sci fi thriller shot on a modest budget with well known names in it.

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    Thank you
    Christian Grillo

  2. Dear Moviemelt,

    I love film and thank you for sharing my review of the Amazing Spiderman 2. I love writing about and discussing film. It is hard to get many followers, so i am pleased that you like my review enough to link it to yours. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future and reading your reviews.

    Kind Regards

    Lee Sinden

    • Hi Lee,

      You’re very welcome! I know what you mean, readership is difficult to obtain especially in film as there are tons of writers and reviewers out there. Thanks for clicking through and checking out my blog as well – I will certainly follow your blog and keep stopping by.


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