A New Dimension In Latest Fantastic Four Trailer

I can’t understand all the hate that we’ve been hearing for Fantastic Four, Marvel’s latest take on the classic group of heroes.  It’s been receiving a lot of bad press from people who don’t seem to appreciate the direction it looks to be going, but I personally am pretty damn excited for this, and the latest trailer has done nothing to dissuade me.  We get our first look at Jamie Bell as The Thing in his rocky form, as well as a sneaky look at Toby Kebbell as the villainous Dr. Doom.  Mix in a little more science, which seems to emphasize that this film will be taking a very scientific and less silly approach, and some sprinklings of action (inlcuding a giant flying body blow from The Thing) and we’ve got ourselves a fun trailer.

Of course the Fantastic Four are going to be pretty young here, similiar to some of the newer installments of the comic franchise, and they will collect their powers via travelling to another dimension, not from an alien planet.  From what we saw, my hunch is that Toby Kebbell is a fellow scientist, and on their mission he is the unfortunate one who isn’t able to make it out alive.  Or so they thought.  Is the crawling, burned body in a space suit, Kebbell’s character, hideously disfigured and forced to put on the famous mask of Dr. Doom?  I think so.

The rest of the cast have a ton of charisma, and Teller and Jordan have already done comedy work together on That Awkward Moment, so I’m sure the film will be full of humor, and retain a little bit of the goofiness that this franchise is known for, but it’s clear that they want to paint a more serious picture with these trailers.  I’m cool with that, and I’m very confident that they’ll pull it off just fine and Johnny Storm, Sue Storm, Reed Richards and Ben Grimm will be big assets to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fantastic Four will be released August 7, 2015.  Can’t wait!

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