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In one of the best movie years in recent memory, the 2014 Academy Awards are upon us!  Follow all the action here with our live blog where we’ll keep you up to date on big moments and every award received.  If you can’t tune in then this is your best place to stay in the know.

Coverage of the Red Carpet will be first but the Award Ceremony commences at 8:30pm Eastern Time.

The 2014 Oscars Live Blog


And this is it folks – The Academy Award for Best Picture goes to 12 Years A Slave!

What an incredible film in a group of equally deserving movies.  Any one of these would have been wonderful winners.  Quite simply one of the best years in movie history, in my opinion.  Brilliant.  Hope you enjoyed the blog folks.


Next up is Best Actor and if Matthew doesn’t win I’ll shut this thing down.  That is despite the fact that this is an incredible category.

And the Academy Award for Best Actor goes to Matthew McConaughey!  One of the best career renaissances in history and well deserved.  And what a speech that was.  Tomorrow might be man crush Monday folks.


Well folks, the end is nigh.  We’re on to the really big ones.  Looks like Best Actress is next.  The Oscar for Best Actress goes to Cate Blanchett!  That was a really tough category, but she was fantastic in Blue Jasmine.


Sydney Poitier slooooooooowly announces that the Academy Award for Best Director goes to Alfonso Cauron for Gravity.  Well done sir.  One of the most unique technical masterpieces in history, and a great story to boot.


Next up are the writing awards by the looks of it.  Best Adapted Screenplay is 12 Years A Slave and rightfully so.  Best Original Screenplay is a much more wide open category in my opinion, but in the end the award goes to Her.  Glad that it got some recognition here.


The music awards are next.  Best Original Score went to Gravity.  Really thought Her might sneak this one, but no such luck.  Gravity was well deserving for sure.

Best Original Song was scooped up by Let It Go (Frozen).



Achievement in Production Design goes to The Great Gatsby.  Maybe Leo could accept this one for them?  They probably should have let him.


Live bloggers usually like to make fun of stuff, but flat out in all seriousness, Pink just nailed that rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  I think I might of seen a tear in McConaghey’s eye.  Rust Cole don’t cry.


Another technical award, Best Film Editing goes to Gravity.

Oh and Whoopi Goldberg forgot to take her shirt off before she put her dress on.  No surprise there either.


Best Cinematography goes to Gravity in the easiest of the night.  A nice little shout out by Bill Murray to the now late Harold Ramis.  R.I.P.


Ellen has officially broke Twitter with that photo retweet request – well done Ellen.  Harrison Ford is about to puke up that pizza.  He takes home the award for Drunkest Celebrity.  But for real, Ellen broke Twitter.  Take that Facebook.  Ellen didn’t break you.


Best Supporting Actress goes to Lupita Nyong’o for 12 Years A Slave.  Much deserved.  The first real tears of the night, but she’s holding it together a lot better than I thought she would.  Nice speech.  Very nice indeed.


Charlize Theron………………

Oh and Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing both go to Gravity!  Looks like it’s cleaning up the technical stuff as predicted.  I still tink it’s going to come up a little short on Best Picture.


Best Foreign Film goes to The Great Beauty.  I was pulling for The Hunt but no real complaints here.


Ellen just woke up Harrison Ford in that last segment.  But the Oscar for Best Documentary goes to 20 Feet From Stardom.  The Act Of Killing got the shaft.  So did the microphone in that speech.


Best Live Action Short goes to Helium.  My first real beef with the Academy, I felt this was probably the weakest of the bunch.  Not bad, but for it to beat Just Before Losing Everything is NUTS.

Best Documentary Short goes to…. The Lady In Number 6.  No surprise there.


Best Visual Effects goes to…. Iron Ma…… just kidding… Gravity.  Duh.  I have a feeling this will be the first of many.  Like, a lot.


And Best Animated Short Film goes too…….. Mr Hublot!  Just dropped my first category on the ballot folks.  There goes this years perfect ballot….

And for Best Animated Film the winner is…. Frozen.  No shocker there.  One of the most surprisingly awesome films of the year.  On a side note, Matthew McConaughey drew the short straw presenting with that lady.  Oh boy.


Oscar number two is the Best Costume Design, and the winner is The Great Gatsby!  Might be the closest Leo gets this year.

And Best Makeup goes to…….. Dallas Buyers Club!

SIDE NOTE! – Harrison Ford was WASTED during that little segment.  No doubt.


Pharell has somehow managed to turn to famously awkward Oscars musical performance into something pretty interesting, and even getting the star studded audience involved.  Well done sir.


And the first Oscar is in!  Best Supporting Actor goes to…… Jared Leto!  No surprise there, but good to know he didn’t get the shaft.  Now Matthew should follow suit.  Jared gives a hell of a speech too!


Ellen is on fire.  She is managing to mock everyone, but keep it tasteful.  So far, anyway.


We’re underway folks, and Ellen is wearing something I can’t even describe.  But she’s cracking some nice little jokes and she’s doing a nice job.  She just got June Squibb pretty bad, and the funny thing is we thought that she was making a joke, but the truth is June really couldn’t hear her.  And Barkhad Abdi didn’t even get the joke that was made about him.  Cheers to a good show folks!


Oh, there’s Frank Underwood.  Currently scheming his way to a Best Actor win, when he isn’t even nominated.  Don’t count him out, especially if you’ve seen Season 2, Episode 1!


This Jimmy Kimmel segment is absolutely bizarre.  Hopefully this is not indicative of what we can expect for the rest of the ceremony.  Nice shirt Jimmy.


Bill Murray with an appearance.  He looks like he’s hungover.  I’m sure he is.  In true Murray fashion though, the guy just doesn’t care, and you’ve got to love him for that.


Leo is here and knows full well his streak will continue.  I wonder when he’ll stop coming to these events?  The dude will have to actually agree to die, for real, on camera in order to win an Oscar.


McConaughey seems really happy to be there – if he isn’t even happier once the Awards are in it’ll be a travesty.


A painful reminder that Olivia Wilde is pregnant, by another man.


A nice moment there with Bruce Dern and his daughter Laura – hard not to root for Bruce although I don’t think he’s got much shot at Best Actors.  Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but Matthew put on a show.


The Red Carpet is open!  Robin Roberts is taking us through the proceedings, and we have Sydney Poitier looking a little tired, bringing the energy level down a little bit.  Good.


The Red Carpet stuff will be kicking off on ABC in just over an hours time.  We’re looking forward to some horrible outfits.  Who else dies a little when they hear someone ask “Who are you wearing?”  Get your ballots filled out folks!

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